Friday, November 14, 2014

RNO1 - Day 7 - Pay Day and TBT

I have mentioned several reasons already why I like our stint here at Amazon here in Fernely, NV much better than 2012, and, as of Friday, there is one more reason I like this time better.....we get paid every single Friday, instead of every other Friday.  When you begin to see money flowing into your account on a weekly basis it makes it a little bit easier to be awake at "Twenty-five, or Six To Four" (a well known Chicago, the band, song) in the morning.....especially this Friday morning, since it was our first pay day. Amazon is quite efficient in this department.....we only filled out our 'direct deposit' paperwork last Tuesday morning, and there was our paycheck, in our checking account a little after midnight Friday morning.....but I get way ahead of myself once again....what happened to the Thursday half of Day # 7 at Amazon....or even better what went on Thursday?

There is not much to report about the early part of Thursday other than it rained for about an hour, or so in the early AM hours.....quite a surprise.....I got up around 9 am, since I had gone to bed about 11 pm Wednesday night.....TLE stayed up late reading to keep her body clock on 'Shift 6 time', so she did not get up until around Noon.  It was time to empty the black tank.....oh, I know, it could have gone a couple more days, but why take a chance on forgetting to do it, and then realize it's over flowing....not a pleasant thought.  I usually make a point dumping it when it hits 3/4's full.  As I think back to Thursday that seems to be the most noteworthy thing I accomplished......the biggest thing missing from Thursday was my daily 'nap'......I just forgot to sit down and relax.

Two years ago TLE and I both heard our feet 'barking' at us for the first three weeks in Campbellsville, but this time around neither of us is having any foot pain whatsoever.  Having the properly sized footwear makes a big, big difference, and probably not walking 10-12 miles per night is the other half of the 'no foot pain' equation.  

We left for work at our usual 5 pm, and were in the break room on the Nevada side of the building by 5:35 getting our 'game faces' on for day # 7 at RNO1.  TLE and I were both assigned to 'stow' on the Utah side of the massive Fernley Fulfillment Center, but she was on the third floor, whilst I was on the first floor.  This made it easy to take our 10 pm break together.  The first four hour stretch of our shift seems to pass by pretty quickly, then the next stretch until lunch at 12:30 am is only 2 hours and fifteen minutes.  After lunch it is only 2 hours until our 3 am break, then our last stretch until quitting time is only 1 hour and 15 feels like we are 'running downhill' once we get to the first break, and the time just seems to melt away....another big contrast to our 'picking' days in Campbellsville where the hours seemed to pass every so slowly.

I noticed it was quite a bit warmer on the Utah side Thursday night/Friday morning, and when we exited the building at 4:30 we were not met by a blast of near freezing was actually almost 50 degrees!

We were home a little after 5 7 at RNO1 is now in the books, and we eagerly await day # 8 before being off once again until Monday evening!

Thought I would start adding a 'Throw Back Thursday' (TBT) picture every Thursday, and here is a picture of our first RV...a 1970 VW 'Westy'....taken sometime in the early 80's.....yep we were into bicycles then, too.

1970 VW 'Westy'

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