Saturday, November 29, 2014

RNO1 - Day 17 - Looking for a hole

Two years ago I had a lot to write about regarding our daily experiences at Amazon in Campbellsville, KY......the aches and pains, the boredom, the 12 hour work days, the 6 day work weeks, how slowly the work hours passed, etc.  This time around, for me at any rate, there are no aches and pains.......there really is no boredom......time seemingly flies......there are no 6 day work weeks, or 12 hour work days.....only the occasional 5 day work week.  It's all good.......well, it's almost all good.....if only we could escape from the Utah 'Pick Mod', and specifically, if only we could escape from the second floor of that 'Pick Mod' where we stowed 3 of the 4 days we worked this week....the 4th day we were on the third floor of Utah.  I've had this recurring dream that I can't find a 'hole' in which to stow a large, heavy, wait, that's not a's a wide awake nightmare that is revisited by TLE and I every night we are assigned to stow in 'Utah'.  "Heavy" items can only be stowed in bins that are at what I could call 'waist level', which means the number of bins available for heavy items is reduced by 60%.  Amazon does not want their workers bending over too far to 'pick' heavy items, or reaching too high to do the is a practical precaution designed to avoid injury. The problem is there are not many 'holes' left to stow anything large, or small, let alone large and toaster ovens on the second floor of the Utah 'Pick Mod'.  Last night (really about 3:30 am) I had four large, heavy toaster ovens to stow......after wandering up and down every row of the 2nd floor over the course of 45 minutes I was only able to find one hole large enough (and I had to spend time re-arranging the bin to make it fit) to stow one of the toaster ovens.  I finally took the remaining three toaster ovens back to the staging area and 'dropped' them, advising the 'Problem Solver' they were least at that time, and picked up another cart.

I the over all scheme of things this complaint is quite's not like we'll be doing this for the rest of our lives, right?  There are only about 13-15 work days left for us over the next three weeks, and I know we'll suck it up and just keep plodding up and down the countless aisles in Utah doing what we can do to stow the unstowable.......that is what we get paid for after all.

Another big difference between our 11 week experience in Campbellsville, KY and our 7 week stint in Fernley, NV is it has been a little more difficult to make new friends.  Most of the people in our shift (6) arrived here in early October, and most of them are staying in RV parks in Fernley.  We have begun to make a few friends in spite of it all, but our main focus has just been mostly working, driving back and forth, eating, resting and sleeping.

On the weather front it has dipped back into the 50's, and has become windy the past two days.  The weather guessers predict that we'll have rain several of the next 5 days......just hope it doesn't freeze.  I was telling TLE as we drove home Friday morning that every day we can make that 60 mile round trip drive with no ice, or snow on the road is a blessing, and so far we have gotten through a month with good driving conditions.  Nevertheless, the next 5 days could see our luck change.

We're off now until Monday night at 6 pm....probably our last 'long' weekend, but that really depends on whether, or not they give us an additional 5 day week after the one next week.  Frankly, we'll be quite content if we only work 4 days a week the remaining two weeks after next week.

Life is good....we're healthy, warm, and dry.....thanks for stopping by!

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