Tuesday, November 25, 2014

RNO1 - Day 14 - 'Tranship'

After sort of catching up a little on my lost slumber time....and before I get 13 messages saying "you never catch up" on sleep, I am aware of that, but it makes me feel better to think it.....I was up at 7 am Monday.  So, instead of my usual 5 hours of lucid consciousness I had 10 Monday before it was time for our daily commute to RNO1.

The temperature at 7 am was 28 degrees, and the VW was coated with a thick layer of frost that didn't melt off until almost Noon time.  As luck would have it the black tank needed to be dumped after 11 days......that's actually the longest we have gone without dumping in quite a long time.  Part of that can be attributed to us using someone else's restrooms for most of our waking hours.....it does make a difference.  Nevertheless, I was outside about 9 am doing the deed, and thankful it was a sunny, windless day on the driver's side of the coach.

After that I spent time in the trailer sorting through the packages I received over the past week......I received the two gallons of waterless wash/wax solution from Firecoat My Truck so I can now proceed, maybe this weekend, with cleaning and waxing the drivers side of the Newell.  I also received the replacement ballast for the 4 foot fluorescent fixture I removed last week, so I installed it and then confirmed by plugging it in that it works again....YAY.  I'll try to install it near the rear of the trailer this weekend also.  Finally there were new bicycle tubes, and patch kits ordered from Amazon Prime.  

By the time I was finished with that it was early afternoon, and TLE needed to do some 'small' shopping at Target, but before we stopped there we drove over to Scheel's to walk around again, then stopped off at the local Subway sandwich shop to get one of my favorite foot long 'Club' sandwiches, then it was over to Target to pick up a few staples before heading home.

For our 14th night/day at RNO1 we were assigned to 'Blue, P-3' (third floor of the 'Blue' Pick Mod), which is where most of the 'tranship' stuff arrives for 'stowing'.  Each Amazon Fulfillment center ships products to other fulfillment centers to be stowed, and usually 'picked' within a few hours to ship to online customers.   Tranship gets priority, and that is where a big chunk of our Shift 6 gang toiled the night through.  By the time 4:30 am rolled around we had made a significant dent in stowing the tranship stuff, and it was time to hand off the task to the day shift, which arrived at 6 am.

We have about 18-20 days of work left here at RNO1 before we are released and head south for Christmas with our kids, and then our daughter's wedding. Time is flying by, life is good, our health is good, and we are excited about what awaits us in the new year.......we have a fuzzy idea of where we will travel, and what we will do, but it is just that....fuzzy....right now we are just living in the moment, and not looking too far ahead.

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