Sunday, November 9, 2014

Real work....just as it should be.

Even though we have only been working 5 hour shifts for 3 days, it was nice to wake up Saturday morning knowing we did not have to report to work that night.  There were a lot of college football games on and I had one playing in the trailer as I worked on cleaning up the passenger side of the Newell.  I am still using the 'Firecoat My Truck' waterless cleaner and wax solution, and because I have been using it on a regular basis it is very easy to clean off the gunk, and bring that beautiful shine back to the surface.  After finishing the passenger side I decided that was enough for one day, but I really had no choice as I ran out of the solution just as I finished spraying the last section.  After wiping it off I went inside and promptly ordered two more gallons (free shipping if you order more than $50 worth).

The daytime temps are getting back into the 70's so around 2:30 I decided to take a bike ride on the Truckee River bike path that takes you all the way into downtown Reno.  I chose to ride west on Lincoln Way to McCarran and then south to the river trail.   It is a little tricky getting past the very busy I-80 entrances and exits on McCarran, and I was thinking I might choose different route on my way home. This section winds along the banks of the Truckee River for about 7.5 miles into a downtown area of Reno......I turned around at a placed called Sierra Tap Room (4 stars on Yelp).....I think I'll bring TLE next time and we'll tip a few sitting on the patio and enjoying the river view.

On my way back I continued on past the McCarran exit and rode all the way to Sparks Blvd. where there is actually a bike path that takes you all the way north across I-80....a much safer and easier route to access the bike path in the future.  I arrived back at the coach just about 4 pm having covered 16 miles. 

As it turns out our fellow Cape Blanco Lighthouse Host friends, Chris, Cherie, Paul and Nina, had come south just a few days after us, and were staying down near Carson City at a Nevada State campground for a few days, so we made arrangements to meet them for dinner at a very good Mexican restaurant named Miguel's. Mexican Restaurant (4 stars on Yelp).  Originally opened in 1959, Miguel's has been a local institution for over 55 years.  My cousin, Lois, who lives in the area recommended this restaurant very highly, and we were not disappointed.  I ordered the 'Dos Chile Rellenos' and they are now in my top 2, or 3 Chile Rellenos ever.  Everyone loved their entrees.  We also ordered two liters of their house Margaritas, and were quite happy with them, also.

It was great to hook up again with very good friends, and we look forward to the 'next time', which I think may not be too far in the future.

Real Saturday was a great day, and made even better by spending time with friends.....thanks for stopping by!

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