Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RNO1 - Day 9 - MOT, VTO & VOT

We found out last Friday that this week we will have our first Mandatory Over Time (MOT) day this coming Saturday (11/22)......there is also VTO (Voluntary Time Off), and VOT (Voluntary Over Time)......neither of which we plan to accept this year.....when we were in Campbellsville we took everything, including the VOT 6th work day, as well as the extra 90 minutes......ultimately it was exhausting to work 6 straight days, and be on your feet for 12 hours, so this time around we decided in advance we would not do that again.  At any rate, this week we will work our first 5 day week with each day being 10 hours.  

Monday I was up by 8:40 am, but TLE did not appear on the salon area of the coach until close to Noon time, so I had the 'place' all to myself for several hours.

Sunday I discovered the fluorescent light over my work bench had quit working.....well, at least the ballast had quit working, so Monday I decided to make a quick run over to Lowe's to pick up a new fixture.....why not replace the defective ballast you ask?  Well, I would have, except Lowe's did not have a replacement ballast in stock, which I looked upon as 'serendipity'......serendipity?  Yep, I was never quite happy with the 2 foot long fixture I had originally installed over the work bench area 3 years ago, and took this opportunity to buy a 4 foot fixture, thereby providing much more illumination over the full length of the 4 foot workbench.  Then I went online to order a new ballast, which I found on eBay. When the new ballast comes in for the old 2 foot fixture I'll take that fixture and replace the rear fixture in the trailer, which I have also not like for a long time......so it's all good!  I had the new fixture installed within an hour of returning home, and I am loving the result!

Other than my brief foray into the cold outdoor temperatures to acquire the new light fixture I remained inside all day reading a good book, and napping......the weather continues to be very cold......of course, I know there are those of you out there who live full time in much colder regions of our great country who refer to this as 'short sleeve weather'........not I though.....I am a SoCal boy, and when it gets into the 50's I put a coat on, and stop wearing 'flip flops'.....when it gets into the 20's I put pants on, and I wonder while the hell I'm still where it gets this cold when I have wheels underneath my home.

We left for work at our usual 5 pm time, and arrived at RNO1 around 5:35....there was a little traffic on the eastbound side of the Interstate, but that is why we leave an hour before our start time.  Once again the night shift literally 'flew' by.....I know I have said it before, but I must reiterate once again that I love the spacing of the breaks and lunch time.....once you get past the first 4 hours the rest of the night seems like you are running downhill, and just really goes by quickly.  Another good piece of news is that neither TLE, nor I are having any 'barking feet' this year.  We are now in our 3rd week, and I rarely think about the condition of my feet.....they just do not bother me at all!  Just as in Campbellsville it tends to get quite warm inside the Fulfillment Center and I do only wear shorts, shoes and a t-shirt.....I tend to run 'hot'....I see many others wearing hoody sweatshirts, and wonder how they can stand wearing so many clothes.

We were home around 5:10 am, but did not go to bed until after 6 am.....we watched a couple of Fraser's on Netflix, and they were literally laugh outloud hilarious.....I love going to bed with a smile on my face.

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