Friday, February 20, 2015

Crema & Junk

Fourth Saturday dawned clear and calm......just another typical day here in the high desert near Cottonwood, AZ.  We both had a hankering for some al fresco dining, which is not hard to come by in this part of the country.  Any eating establishment which cannot boast outdoor dining is the exception to the rule.  Last year we had lunch at a funky place in Old Town Cottonwood called 'Red Rooster', and we both loved it.  One thing TLE is good at is kind of nudging me outside my comfort zone.  In my 'zone' eating at a restaurant I like over and over again is the norm.  Why take a chance on a new place you don't know even if the reviews are good?  I suggested we return to the 'Red Rooster', and she immediately replied there were a lot of good, interesting places to eat in Cottonwood, and she would like to try another.  Eventually she came up with a place called 'Crema Cafe' just down the street from 'Red Rooster'.  She went on to say they had outdoor dining, and great coffee according to the reviews so I reluctantly agreed.

We decided to head into Cottonwood just before Noon to have lunch.....I might add that since we arrived in the Cottonwood area we have been eating just two meals a day.....usually a late breakfast/early lunch, and then dinner around 6.  We arrived in Cottonwood about 12:15, found a parking spot in the public parking area at the end of the street, and walked back to 'Crema'.  Well, their outdoor dining area is just what we like, and they serve breakfast all day....YAY!

I ordered their Classic Egg and Toast plate (steamed eggs, bacon, avocado, salsa, toast), and TLE ordered one of their 'Signature Breakfast Sandwiches with red-chile-glazed bacon, egg, tomato and cheddar.  The coffee came in large, pre-heated mugs, and was every bit as good as the reviews had promised.  We sat outside enjoying the early afternoon sun until almost 1:30 before beginning our walk around town.....first up was Larry's I mentioned in a past earlier this week, this is one of my favorite junk shops anywhere....they have tonnage, and their prices are reasonable.  TLE found a 'new' relish dish to replace one that had been broken.

After we finished at 'Larry's' we continued on around the old town area checking out other thrift and antique shops, finally arriving back at the car around 2:30.  We made stops at Home Depot (new light bulb for our 4 D Cell Maglite), at Fry's for 'small shopping', and then at Walmart for a couple of things arriving back home by 3:30 to finish out the afternoon sitting outside reading and once again enjoying the weather and views.

We enjoyed a subtle setting of the sun, then went inside for the promised I was reprised with another round of TLE's pollo asado it possible they were better the second night?

When we are 'boondocking' we don't put out all our other lights as they eat up precious power, but we do put out the solar powered malibu lights, and sometimes I turn on the LED lights under the coach.

We finished off the evening watching 'Blacklist' and 'Elementary'......Friday I meet up with my mountain bike buddies for a couple of days of mountain biking around Sedona....stay tuned for a report!

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