Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ride Captain Ride....

 We spent Monday riding out the rain which came in waves all day long and into the early evening.  The forecasters were correct, and we were correct to move to our present location.  There is no doubt in my mind that those who stayed up on the red clay and tried to leave yesterday, or will be trying to leave today will be in one muddy mess.

One thing I was remiss in not reporting a couple of days ago I will report now......a few days ago TLE began to complain of a 'smell' in the kitchen area....personally I wasn't picking up on a 'smell'......she thought it was the fridge so she put a bowl of baking soda in to absorb the 'smell'.  Then she began to think that maybe we were getting the 'smell' from the gray tank, or that something was leaking under the kitchen sink.  I was still not picking up on the 'smell', but suggested pouring some dish soap down each drain (bath, shower, and kitchen sink) and then flushing it into the gray tank with super hot water to attack the mystery 'smell' that I was still not smelling.  So we did that, but finally by Sunday afternoon I was finally picking up on the 'smell'......so, it only took my sniffer 3 days to smell what TLE was smelling 3 days prior.  

Suddenly it occurred to me that we had left one mouse trap 'active' on the floor under the oven just in case we had missed any mice from our Cape Blanco sojourn.  It was over two months ago that we caught the last mouse, and it didn't seem likely there would be one after so long, but then again we have been 'boondocking' for the past 10 days, so who knows, right?  Well, we got out the flashlight, and pulled the large pan drawer out to see what we could see......what do you know?  In the forgotten mouse trap was a small dead mouse that had obviously been aging for the past 3-4 days!  As soon as it was disposed of the 'smell' began to abate.

Right after the last incident I had put dryer sheets in all the basement areas (water, storage, etc.) and forgot about them.  Dryer sheets to have a life expectancy when it comes to discouraging rodent incursion, so I guess it's time to re-deploy some more dryer sheets pronto!

We spent the day getting ready for our trip to TLE's college reunion in Pasadena.....trying to decide how much 'stuff' to cram into the small VW Beetle.....hmmm....I think TLE is still deciding even as I write.  When we weren't packing we were reading and listening to rain on the roof, and being thankful we had decided to stay here for two nights while the storm passes.

Nothing else to report for Monday.....I'll continue to post about our journey back in time to TLE's reunion.  There will be some people there she has not seen in over 40 years.

Better weather, and fewer neighbors this morning!

Thanks for stopping by!

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