Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friendly persuasion....

Initially Friday looked to be a slow day in Wittmann, but it did not stay that way for long.  We were expecting company in the afternoon in the form of friends of TLE from her 'workaday life' (Steve and Candy) a year ago.  They are currently spending time over in New River, AZ with friends they met in Port Orford, OR last summer (Ralph and Ann), whom they were bringing with them around 3:30 pm.  In addition, I have been corresponding via e-mail since 2010 with a fellow Newell owner (1981) who has been traveling and living full time in his Newell since 2002, or 2003.  Our paths have just never crossed, but he (Ki) and his wife (Wyn) where staying down in Casa Grande, AZ and wanted to drive up to Wittmann to meet us, as well as our hosts and good friends Tom and Darlene around 3 pm.

TLE was in full on 'clean mode' by mid morning in anticipation of the impending arrival of the aforementioned folks, so I decided it was a good time to go through old mail I had set aside to scan and/or shred.  By the time I finished with the sorting, and then ultimate shredding of the 'do not need' pile it was closing in on 1 pm......the 'need to scan' pile will have to be scanned Saturday, or Sunday.  I had promised to help Tom, and his son-in-law, Jon, move some shop equipment they had purchased from a neighbor who has an ongoing 'moving sale'.  That took us the better part of two hours, and we arrived back home just after 3 pm, and then our visitors began to arrive.....first Ki and Wyn.  By the way 'Ki' is a full blooded Hawaiian, and this actual given name is quite long with all the attendant vowels found in most Hawaiian words, and names, so to make it easier on friends and acquaintances he has shortened his name to 'Ki' for me.

We had barely finished our introductions when Steve and Candy arrived with their friends (Ralph and Ann).  We spent a couple of hours giving tours of our Newell to those interested, and of Tom's large barn/garage as well as the attendant non-stop conversation.  Ki and Wynn had just planned to stop by for an hour, or so, but the Wittmann vortex being what it is, we were able to prevail upon them to join the rest of the gang for a spaghetti dinner, and then a fire complete with all the makings for 'smores'.  Tom's daughter (Laura), son-in-law (Jon) and their children eventually arrived for the outdoor fire, so when all was said and done we had a party of 14 sitting around the fire just enjoying the the fire, the evening and conversation.  At the end of it all it is precisely these moments in time that will remain in the forefront of my memories.

Around 8 pm our guests began to excuse themselves to drive back to their respective homes on wheels, whilst the rest of us hung out for another hour identifying various heavenly constellations.

It was a good day spent with good friends, getting to know new friends, and just talking about everything RV related under the sun, or evening stars, if you will.

Thanks for stopping by!

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