Friday, February 13, 2015

Last dance....

Last sunrise in Wittmann

By the time I got over to the Post Office to check for our mail in Tom's P.O. box it was after 10 am......our mail was there as hoped, but after thinking about what still needed to be done in order for us to roll our wheels we both decided to stay one more night in Wittmann.....and that is what this nomadic life is all about......nothing is cast in is all Jello.  We are on no tight schedule.

The painters finished painting the inside of the 'barn', and here is what the finished product looks like.....that is a lot of dry wall, and it was all painted with semigloss.  Things are starting to move quickly now that the roof is on, and the inside is painted.  The next time we come to stay here there will be a 46' Newell parked in there!

I spent the rest of the day slowly putting away the rest of our gear interspersed with frequent breaks, filled up the fresh water tank in anticipation of our upcoming boondocking adventure, dumped the black tank, filled up my gas can with unleaded to run the small generator as needed, put the car in trailer, closed up the workbench, pulled down all my decorative lights, removed the tire covers, shined up the wheels, dropped the trailer back on the hitch, installed the leveling and anti-sway bars, and finally stowed away my two tool bags.

By sundown the only thing left to do is put in the patio awning, unhook the electrical, and water, and roll up the awning mat.

We spent our last evening eating dinner with Tom and Darlene, sat outside by the outdoor fireplace, then watched 'Black List' and 'Elementary' before heading off to bed one last time in Wittmann.  Our stay here has been enjoyable, and rewarding as always, and we will miss our friends 'until next time'.......

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