Thursday, February 12, 2015

Treading water.....

Originally we had planned to be back on the road Wednesday on our way up to the Cottonwood/Sedona area to spend a few weeks, but we find ourselves awaiting the arrival of a packet of mail forwarded to us on Monday from Calfornia.  Getting your mail while living full time on the road can be a challenge at times.

Sending anything through the U.S. Postal System via first class these days is  somewhat of a gamble as to when it will arrive at its destination.  Since we spend most of our time in rural America it can be a crapshoot.  During the times when we are spending a long time in one spot it is not so much of an issue, but when we stay just a short time in any particular location it can affect even our 'written in Jello' plans.  So, pending the arrival of our mail Thursday we are 'treading water' for the time being.  All that being said we are in a nice comfortable location, and spending a few extra days here with good friends is not a burden, and will not affect any long range plans.

My biggest job whenever we decide to change our view is putting the trailer in order so we can insert the VW, and that is the most time consuming job.  Everything else (hoses, electrical lines, sewer lines, awning mats, awnings, etc.) can be put away in less than 30 minutes, and I usually leave that stuff until the day of our departure.

The past few days I spent time going through the cabinets in the trailer pulling everything out and deciding what should stay, and what should go.  There were a number of things we have been carrying around, specifically in the trailer cabinets, that we have not been touched by us in months, or perhaps a year, or more.  When that happens it is time to make decisions.  Ultimately the end result was I now have much more room in the cabinets, and it will be easier to find things in the future.  Wednesday I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon putting everything else away.

Wednesday morning (3rd Saturday) I rode with Tom into the Surprise Home Depot to help him pick up a few plumbing supplies.....200' of 3/4" PVC pipe, another 60' of a larger diameter PVC pipe, drip line stuff, a toilet for the 'barn', and various and sundry other related items.  The store was not at all crowded, and that is why it is better to go there on first, second, or third Saturday to avoid the 'real Saturday' crowds.

The weather continues to be totally pleasant here in Wittmann with daytime temps getting into the mid 80's.  The elevation here in Wittmann is about 1800'.  In Cottonwood the elevation is around 4,000' so we will see cooler temps when we move up there......right now the forecast is mid 70's, and down into the high 60's over ten days.  The trick will be not to move to far north too quickly, otherwise the thermometer becomes your enemy....:-)

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