Sunday, February 8, 2015

Got the 'bug'

Every Saturday and Sunday there is a flea market in 'downtown' Wittmann, which I have written about previously.  For someone who likes to poke through other people's junk this is just ideal.  Last Saturday it had been raining, and there were only a few vendors, but we did return on Sunday morning after church and got our junk 'fix'.  Well, once again it was Saturday, and by 8:30 I had a text from Tom asking if it was time to go to the 'flea' market......of course!!  *TLE and I were out the door in 5 minutes and driving with Tom over to Center Street......the blog wasn't done, but when junk is calling it would just have to wait an hour, or so.

I found just one thing I couldn't live without......a vintage Craftsman 3/8" drive socket wrench ($8) , and TLE bought a bag of dried peppers ($2.50)......Tom, who has tons of room to collect things, showed more restraint than I by returning home empty handed.

Shortly after getting home I got my Kindle and went outside to spend a few hours reading and just enjoying the delightful weather.  Around Noon time Tom came out and suggested we take his golf cart over to a friend's home (Rick) who owns this very cool heavily modified and tricked out VW Bug.  This 2300+ cc, 180 horsepower motor is a far cry from what came from the factory.  Rick spent about 30 minutes going over all the modifications he had made to it before starting it up and letting the engine 'speak' for itself.  If you would like to hear what it sounds like click on the video below!

After returning from Rick's I spent the rest of the afternoon reading a book, and napping before the cool of the arriving eventide chased me inside for the night.

Thanks for stopping by!

*TLE = The Lovely Elaine

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