Saturday, February 28, 2015


 Friday was the first official day of TLE's college reunion, and it was a day of moving from one hug, one conversation to another.  We ventured downstairs from our 5th floor room in the Hilton about 9 am to find something to eat before registering at 10 am, but found they had already opened registration, so we all grabbed a cup of coffee at the Starbucks kiosk, and the mingling began.  You may be wondering how I might know so many people from the school where TLE went to college, so I would imagine some explanation is in order....

TLE and I belonged to the same church when we were young.  That church had 3 college campuses.....Bricketwood, England (two hours outside London), Pasadena, CA and Big Sandy, TX (near Tyler, TX).  Even though I grew up in Pasadena I attended the Texas campus of the church college.  TLE, who was from Miami, FL attended school at the Pasadena campus.  Since I was from Pasadena I knew a lot of the people she went to school with, and it was through those mutual acquaintances that we eventually met when I returned from Texas that first summer after my freshman year. So, there you have it....even though we have not belonged to that church since the late 70's we would never have met if not for the fact our parents belonged to the same church, although at opposite ends of the country.

By 3 pm I was 'talked' out for a while.......I have found when I go to these things that I  have to pace yourself, or my voice will be gone by the end of the first I went upstairs for a break while TLE and her sister went shopping.

There really isn't a lot else to relate as the memories and people would have no meaning to most of you.  Those who have known me for a few decades know my history, and would probably know some of the same people.  The one thing I will say is there is something sweet about being able to renew friendships that were forged during a very formative period of my life.  The connections are still there after all these decades, and even though we have all gone our ways professionally and religiously we still have that connection.

There was a welcoming banquet at 7 pm Friday that we attended which lasted until after 9 pm, and by then we were all pretty talked out, so we headed back to our room for the evening.  There are two more days of festivities to come......

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