Saturday, April 7, 2018


7:50 am - Saturday - April 7th - SoCal - 56º F, 84% humidity (YUP!), wind 1 mph out of the north by northeast......sunny with a forecast high of 76º F.

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Friday was a stay at home day.  TLE busied herself most of the day with revamping her Steelcase passenger seat up front.  We will be replacing her chair when we visit Newell friends in Florida this coming winter who removed their passenger seat in their coach and are saving it for us, but in the interim TLE wants to make her current seat more comfortable....

The current Steelcase passenger power...all manual adjustments

.......I wish I had taken pictures of her process, but essentially she removed the old 36 year old foam from the seat, and replaced it with 2" memory foam, then added a new slip cover to dress it up a tad......I sat in it and now I am a little jealous......

The new passenger seat waiting for our arrival later this year in Florida.....leather, all power, all the time....even has a footrest, which TLE will love!

.......the new passenger chair is in Inverness, FL, and we will be there in either late December, 2018, or early January, 2019 to pick it up and install it.  I am still hunting for a replacement driver's seat for moi.  

I, on the other hand, managed to get out for another bicycle ride on my Cannondale Bad Boy around 11 am.  Once again I set out not knowing how far I would ride.  Around the 8.8 mile mark (Day Creek Blvd.) I did my turn around when I noticed my caloric consumption had just passed the '500' mark, meaning I should break 1,000 if I turned around right there......

......and I did......I finished having covered 17.6 miles with 1,031 calories burned.  Even though there was a stiff headwind on the way out I managed to average 14.0 mph for the 17.6 miles in one hour and 15 minutes of riding.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching The Masters golf tournament.  I was personally pulling for Tiger Woods, but he is still not up to the Masters test after only a few weeks back on the PGA tour.  He did manage to make the cut at 4 over par, but he is 13 strokes back with two days to play.  It is supposed to rain in Augusta, GA Saturday so we'll see how that impacts the scoring.

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