Monday, April 16, 2018

It is finished......

7:36 am - Monday - April 16th - SoCal - 51º F, 68% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the west......sunny with a forecast high of only 65º F today.  Again the rapid improvement in my post bike accident condition continues to amaze me.  I have almost no discomfort as of this morning and I would say I am back to about 90% as of this writing.  

Sunday began slowly with overcast skies, but the clouds eventually cleared and we ended up with a sunny morning.  About 9:30 am we set out on another 'walk around the block', but we decided to extend what we had done Saturday one more block west to get us over 3 miles for the entire walk.  We first walked west on Rialto Ave. to Locust Ave. where we turned north to pick up the PET*  and then walk back east all the way to Cactus and then south back to Rialto and home.....

......adding one block to our walk worked, and our total mileage ended up being 3.3 miles.  We averaged about 3.5 mph, which is a slight improvement over Saturday's walk, and we managed to incinerate almost 600 caloric units in just over 57 minutes.

While I cooled down from our walk TLE make a quick trip over to Smart and Final (supermarket) to pick up a few necessities she likes to purchase there.  Once I was cooled down I opened up our 'through' bin (can be accessed from both sides of the coach) to remove a few items we have not been utilizing to make room for things we are using, but have been keeping in the trailer when traveling.  It's gotten quite crowded in the trailer when we are traveling and it is difficult to get to things I need to access from time to time while we are rolling, such as my tools.  I took out enough things to make room for a folding table we use for the Sea-B-Que when we are stationary.  Now we'll have to make another trip to my son's warehouse on Monday.  We're already talking about more things we'll take out of the 'through bin' for our Alaska trip.

Around 3:15 pm we drove over to my daughter Kate's home to conclude our 'until next time' tour.  Her husband, Nick, had been called to the beside of his grandmother who is near death so it was just Kate, Charlise and Jolene Rose at home.  A bonus was our daughter Meredith was there, too, so we got an extra hug from her.  We sat around the kitchen island talking and munching on chips and dip for about 90 minutes before we began our last round of hugs and kisses........

......little precious Jolene Rose will be two years old in a few weeks and is now saying she is a 'big girl' cute!  She is growing so quickly, and by the time we return in a year she will be almost 3......sigh.

So, we are finished with our 'until next time' tour, and now all that remains is to put the few things away we have taken out, put the VW in the trailer and head north on I-15 over Cajon Pass Tuesday morning to new adventures and destinations.

Thanks for stopping by!

*PET = Pacific Electric Trail

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  1. Looking forward to following your blog during the northeastern voyage! Safe travels.