Sunday, April 1, 2018

Back in the saddle.....finally!

7:28 am - Sunday - April 1st - SoCal - 55º F, 77% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the southwest.....heavy overcast with a forecast high for today of 74º F.....Happy Easter!

I've had my Cannondale Bad Boy put together for a few days, but hadn't taken a ride yet.  It has been a long time since I just took off on a ride with no particular distance goal in mind and just rode.  I took 10-15 mile rides early in the summer at Yellowstone, but the only riding option I had was outside the Park riding along US-89 north towards Livingston, and after a while that got boring, plus the shoulder I rode on was quite rough with lots of debris.  I suffered a couple of flats due to that debris, so I gradually stopped riding and just focused on hiking on our days off work.  I had the same problem at the Grand Canyon....there were no shoulders on any of the roads, and riding in a traffic lane on a busy highway is not an optimal experience, so my 'rides' consisted of 30 minute jaunts on my stationary bicycle.....that gets amazingly boring after a while, also.  The last month, or so at Desert View I rarely rode my stationary bicycle.

I looked forward to taking more than a few rides while here in SoCal, but until Saturday we had either an activity almost every day that conflicted with taking a ride, or it was too hot (Thursday and Friday).  I was determined to get out for a ride Saturday and escape the gravitational pull of the Newell.  Finally, about 9:30 am I was dressed in my riding togs and off for who knows how long a ride west on the Pacific Electric Bicycle Path which runs right behind the Elks Lodge here in Fontana.... I merged on to the bike path I thought I might ride 5 miles west and then turn around....that would give me a good 10 mile ride, but as I hit the 5 mile mark I just kept going.  The early morning air still very cool, and I felt good.  By the time I turned around I had covered about 10.6 miles.  As I crossed back into Rialto my cyclo computer read 20.7 miles.......

.....and by the time I parked my Cannondale next to the trailer it was reading 21.3 miles total distance covered....

.....nice to know the 'old guy' still has it in him.  I was pleasantly tired after spinning those pedals for one hour and 37 minutes and burning 1,194 caloric units.  After a quick shower I was relaxing and watching the latest PGA tour event interspersed with a few naps.

Around 3 pm I turned on the 'Final Four' broadcast to see which two teams would make it to the final game to be played Monday evening.  The 'Cindarella' team (Loyola Chicago) controlled the game until about 5 to go in the game, and were still up by 6 points over Michigan, but they totally collapsed those last 5 minutes and lost to Michigan by 12 points in the end.  The second game featured two #1 seeds....Kansas vs. Villanova, and was expected to be a close game, but it was anything but that.  Villanova got out to a 17 point lead, and pretty much kept it there for the duration of the game.  So it is Michigan vs. Villanova in the final.....hope it is a close game!

We got in the VW around 4:55 pm to drive a few blocks over to Mariscos del Pacifico to meet my son Tim, and his wife Laila for some great Mexican seafood. TLE and I discovered this little treasure two years ago when we stayed at the Elks Lodge here in Fontana for the first time, and have been back over and over again.  Yelp has them at 4.5 stars on 224 reviews, and we would have to agree.  All four of us ordered their Picositos Tacos (shrimp) which include homemade tortillas......we all cherished every bite!  We sat and talked until almost 6:30 before we finally surrendered out table and headed for home.  A great way to end a great Saturday!

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