Saturday, March 31, 2018

A tale of two meals....

7:29 am - Saturday - March 31st - SoCal - 56º F, 64% humidity, wind - CALM.....ahhhh....CALM.  Forecast high for today is 81º F with partly cloudy skies.

Once again, we did not have much planned for Friday except a hair appointment for TLE at Forte Salon in Claremont where Amanda, long time family friend, has worked for several years.  Whenever we are in town TLE has Amanda tune up her coiffure.  The appointment was for 11 am so we left the Elks Lodge around 10:15.....Google maps thinks it should take 40-45 minutes to make the drive, but we arrived there at 10:45 in spite of 'slow and go' traffic on I-10.

While TLE got her 'do' done I sat outside on a bench enjoying the late morning air.....why be inside when it is so nice outside?  Within 30 minutes Amanda had TLE's coif looking great again, and we were on our way over a few blocks to one of our favorite local gastro pubs in the area.....The Back Abbey (also in Claremont)....Yelp gives them 4 stars on over 1,700 reviews, and we would agree.....maybe even a 4.5 for us......

.....we quickly ordered two glasses of their Kasteel Winter Porter, which we have had has this obvious chocolate aftertaste with a hint of smokiness.....very, very unique.  For my entree I ordered the Back Abbey Burger (aged gouda, mustard aioli, and caramelized onions).....OMG.....what tasty burger!  TLE ordered their Bistro Frisee Salad (frisee lettuce tossed with apples, toasted pecans, grapes, bacon lardons, fourme d'ambert cheese, a soft poached egg and dressed with apple cider vinaigrette.....I don't usually list the ingredients of our entrees, but come on....don't these descriptions just make you want to order them?)

Once again, because we can, we ate and drank al fresco......such a lovely day to be outside!  By 1 pm we were on our way stops in between.....just home.  Now, normally, if we eat one meal out that is pretty much it for the day....we may snack late in the day, but usually we are still full when dinner rolls around.  However, we forgot we had promised to meet our fellow Elks, and good friends, Steve and Candy for dinner at our Elks Lodge at 5 pm.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should have ordered a Bistro Frisee Salad, too.

Nonetheless, there we were at 5 pm walking into the Elks Lodge for our second meal out of the day....Tempura Shrimp, rice, green beans, and a few more beers, of course.  We had a lovely time with Steve and Candy, but oh were we ever full when we walked back to the Newell around 8 pm! (I am still full as I write this morning's missive).

So, that was our Friday, and so comes to an end our first week back in lovely, balmy SoCal.  Thanks for stopping by!

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