Friday, March 2, 2018

Desert View - Day 112 - Modest goals

7:37 am - Friday - March 2nd - Grand Canyon - 31º F, 51%, wind 7 mph out of the south by southwest......clear blue skies with a forecast high of 52º F.....a veritable heatwave!  I cannot remember the last time it was over 30º F when I awoke.  The sun is already blasting through the front curtains......I love it!

I cannot tell you how glorious such a simple thing as sleeping in until after 7 am is when one has been getting up 5 out of 7 days between 5:15 and 5:30 am for almost 4 months now.  I have come to cherish waking up to light coming through the already rising temperatures.  Now I am just 16 days from being able to do it every day for two consecutive months.

The schedule for our last two weeks beginning March 5th has come out and due to a loss of another cashier we will be working 12 out of those 14 days.  It's not really a big deal, because we are only working 5-5.5 hours each day.....if it were 8-10 hours per day, then that would be a problem.

About 12 days ago we had snow and really bad wind as you might recall.  During that wind storm I lost three things that blew away.....a door mat, a wheel cover for the trailer, and my American flag off my flag pole.  As the snow has melted over these past days I found the door mat, and just Thursday the wheel cover for the trailer about 200 yards away in the forest.  Now that I know where the wheel cover was I'm pretty sure of the wind direction.  Hopefully when the last of the snow melts over the next 2 weeks I will find the flag, also.

One of my goals for Thursday was to begin to get the trailer in better order before I begin to stow things away in preparation for our departure.  Another goal was to chip away at more of the snow and ice on the edges of our artificial turf, and around the portable fire pit.  I know, these are modest goals, and that is the whole point.  If I begin now, 16 days ahead, to slowly organize the trailer and slowly put things away it will not seem like such a burden.  Usually I do it over a day, or two and I really don't like is a lot of work putting away all the stuff that has spilled out of the trailer over the past 4 months.

A final modest goal was to turn over the big Detroit Diesel 6V92 TA......I haven't done that for about 6 weeks now, and I needed to be sure all is well.  I needed to be sure it would turn over and run.....even though I treat my diesel fuel with Howe's diesel treatment to add viscosity, and to keep it from congealing in the very cold temps here I want to be sure everything I have done has been effective.  The secondary consideration is I need to be sure the entire system will air up properly, and that the coach will come to 'ride height'.  It did turn over and start, and I ran it at high idle for about 15 minutes to get the oil circulating and to bring it up to temperature.  Everything worked as it should......had it not I would at least have two weeks to figure out what was wrong and fix it.  If the engine doesn't work, or the air system does not hold air all we have is a home with wheels on it, but we're not going anywhere.  When everything works we have a motorcoach.

I spent most of the day outside enjoying the sun whilst achieving my very modest goals. There were, naturally, a couple of strategic naps enjoyed, and I had the company of The Lovely Elaine all day long.....for what more could one ask?

Just got news that our 'new' Spendide 2000 washer/dryer has been shipped from its location in Illinois, and it should arrive in SoCal well before we arrive.....yay for our team!  Getting the old one out, and the new one in will be a lot of 'fun', and a whole 'nother blog post!

A new 'Survivor' season has begun (season 35 I believe), and we recorded it Wednesday night to view Thursday as it was a two hour episode.  Other than that it was a very enjoyable day off work.......thanks for stopping by!

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