Thursday, March 15, 2018

Desert View - Day 125 - T minus 2 and holding

5:40 am - Thursday - March 15th - Grand Canyon - 33º F, 83% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the southwest (it blew all night, and it seems the wind is stronger than the 8 mph being reported).......forecast for today is 1-3 inches of snow (wait, what?) a high of 38º F.  Windy all night long.  A side note about the blog title today....I miscounted....Wednesday was supposed to be "T minus 2", not Tuesday....I don't want to go back and correct the last 13 blog titles, so we are in a holding pattern for one day.  Thursday will be T minus 1.

Spring Break has seen a steady increase in store revenues each day.  For me my cash deposit broke the $500 mark Wednesday coming in at $546 and change.  When I counted down I was surprised as it did not seem I was that busy at all.  I was guessing $300+ so I was way wrong!

There is really nothing notable to report about was just another ordinary work day at the General Store.  I really like working the morning shift because it is very quiet most mornings until about 10 am.  I spend the first 2.5 hours straightening up the store, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, straightening displays, checking date codes on perishable items, etc.  It is very relaxing for me, and it makes me feel like there are two parts to my workday.  The real work begins around 10 am when we begin to see a real influx of customers into the store, and by 12 pm  I am being relieved by TLE, and am usually home by 12:40 pm at the latest.  I then have the whole afternoon to myself.

This is really the first time since TLE and I retired that we have essentially spent the entire daylight portion of each work day (when we are working, of course) apart.  We have always worked the same shifts before, and would see each other several times a day.  Working different shifts has been a different experience, but I have come to appreciate time by myself, or I should say I am getting used to being by myself, which is a good thing.  I don't do the solitary thing very well.  I've had to develop some new routines to keep myself occupied.  Usually when TLE and I are home together we set out a plan for the day which might include hiking, biking, junking, shopping, or whatever.  There is always an activity which each day revolves around in which we both participate.  It might just be as simple as sitting outside reading and enjoying nice weather, but we do it together.

I've really enjoyed these past few days as I have been getting our Newell and trailer ready to roll, and looking forward to the next two months when TLE and I will be back in a more normal to us routine until we arrive in Maine for our summer job.  I have resolved to really enjoy each and every day of that two months.

On the 'future plans' front we are tentatively planning to travel to Alaska in the summer of 2019 with at least one other couple.  We have no plans to work that summer.....just spend the summer traveling in Alaska.  The planning is really in the early stages right now so there is not much to report, but I thought I would throw that out there for now.  There are 14 months between us and the beginning of that adventure, and anything can happen.  We also have some tentative plans for the winter after we finish with our summer job in Maine to spend a couple of months in Cedar Key, FL (one of our favorite winter places on earth) decompressing from what has essentially become a year of working one job after another.

I was home from work by 12:30, had lunch and then got back outside (in the wind) to finish taking down the rest of our decorative lighting which was strung in and between two large trees in our site.  That required the use of my telescoping ladder and took about two hours to finish.  Additionally, I took some time to weed through the stuff in our trailer and get rid of a few things we no longer need.  When I finished around 3 pm with the lights and the trailer I had a big smile on my face......we are ready to roll!  All that remains is to drop the trailer on the Newell hitch, back it out and then load the VW and we are 'gone with the wind'.

Speaking of wind, that is one thing I will not miss about our time here at the Grand Canyon.  The first couple of months were very idyllic with warm temps and little or no wind.  Now it seems we get a wind storm at least once a week that lasts for a day, or two.  The wind came up Wednesday about mid morning and continued into the night, however, Friday is looking good for our departure....fingers crossed!

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  1. Now things are really winding down, and you will be back on the road again heading east, enjoy you travels and the summer working in Maine, looks like you have a pretty good plan in place.

  2. Splendid blog.. Safe travels


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