Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Desert View - Day 124 - T minus 2

4:59 am - Wednesday - March 14th - Grand Canyon - 38º F, 74% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south.....forecast for today is rain late morning (40% chance), and wind up to 28 mph in the afternoon with a high of 58º F.  Why am I awake so early?  As is my habit when we are getting close to our departure date my mind goes into overdrive thinking about all the things I need to do before we roll our wheels once again.  I was wide awake at 4:35 am with, apparently, no hope of going back to sleep, so I just decided to start my day 40 minutes early.

Tuesday was a barn burner!  By and far our busiest day since Spring Break began!  As we opened the door at 8 am for business there were 5 people waiting, and it got busier from there.  I had a number of side projects I wanted to work on including, but not limited to re-stocking t-shirts, mopping, etc., but I never got to them.  I ended up dropping $454.56, my biggest cash drop this SB.  Seeing how our business is increasing exponentially as we get deeper into the SB season, I am grateful we only have two days left after Tuesday!  I was getting ready to clock out around 12:30 pm, but noticed TLE's line was getting quite long so I hung around until a little after 2 pm to 'bag' for her customers.  In that 90 minute span our line got as long as 30 people deep, and the Deli line was about 40 people deep at its zenith, but eventually things leveled off, plus another cashier came on duty, so it was finally time for me to clock out.

When last we left off I had finished organizing the trailer for artificial turf and VW insertion.  Tuesday was the day we would insert the turf, but first I had to flip it over to dry the other half of the was about 2:30 pm.  In order to do that I had to put away the portable fireplace, the Sea-B-Que and the table on which it was sitting.  Since I had lost an hour and a half of my afternoon I had to work steadily with no breaks to get everything done which needed doing.  

After flipping the turf over I began to roll up our rope lights, of which there are about 100' now, and all the extension cords I as using to hook them all together.  In the middle of all this I needed to dump the black tank as it had been 8 days, remove the jack stands under the trailer which I use to stabilize it when we are parked in one place for a long time, pull the tire covers and check the air pressure on all four trailer tires.....each tire needed about 5 psi to bring them up to the proper pressure.

By the time I was finished with all that it was edging toward 5:30 pm......three straight hours of non-stop work and I was beat.  I still needed fold up the artificial turf so when TLE got home it would just be a matter of dragging it inside the trailer which takes just a couple of minutes.

Once again, TLE was not home until almost 6 pm.  She advised she dropped over $1,000 while the other cashier dropped another $ just over $2,000 cash sales for the day, which does include the credit card receipts which were probably another $3-4,000.  We quickly dragged the turf inside the trailer, and TLE put away the rope lights I had coiled.  

Two more days to finish a few final looks like rain Wednesday, and a trace of snow and rain on Thursday.....Friday, our lift off day looks good.....sunny with a few clouds.

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