Thursday, March 29, 2018


7:38 am - Thursday - March 29th - SoCal - 54º F, 60% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the north by northwest.....clear blue skies with a forecast high of 83º F!  I love sitting by the open window first thing with bare feet in the morning typing the blog instead of having all the windows closed, rocking 4 electric heaters, wearing slippers and wishing I could type with gloves on my hands.......quite a reversal of fortunes from 13 days ago.  It feels like we have been gone from Desert View longer than 13 days.

Wednesday was my scheduled doctor appointment with my primary care physician in Rancho Cucamonga.  I had signed releases on Monday to have my medical records transferred from my doctors in Arizona and he had received them by the time I arrived for my appointment at 11:30 am.  Usually when I get my blood pressure checked at a doctor's office my readings are higher.....maybe because I hate going to the doctor.....on this day my reading came in at 127/72.....just like my readings at home!

At any rate my doctor was pleased with my progress, and extended my blood pressure medication prescription for 15 months.....yay, no more doctor's appointments for over a year!

I stopped by my son's office to pick up some more mail, and was on my way home by 1 pm with no more obligations for the day.  I spent some time setting up my new Garmin Trucker GPS.  You might ask.....'Why the Trucker, and not the RV version?'....well, the Trucker was $100 less, plus it already has maps for Canada included...... is really quite intuitive to use, and within 5 minutes I felt ready to 'Navigate'.  This will replace a small HP mini netbook which used to sit on our center console taking up most of the space on said console.  Now that I have the Garmin and can attach it to my driver's window using a suction cup, we have the use of our center console while underway once again.  It, the Garmin, has a 7 inch screen, which is only slightly smaller than the screen on the HP, and with the suction cup I can place it virtually at eye level enabling me to keep my eyes more on the road.  With the HP I had to look to the right, and down.....I'm sure TLE will like me keeping my eyes on the road.....😊

That was pretty much our Wednesday.....I puttered around the trailer putting away recent purchases, and then spent the afternoon reading, and then watching 'Fixer Upper'.  TLE had me grill a filet mignon for dinner to which she added sides of artichokes and cauliflower rice.....all very, very yummy.....

.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. sounds like nice GPS maybe one day we just might buy one, dinner sounds wonderful too !


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