Monday, March 5, 2018

Desert View - Day 115 - T minus 13 - Two more


6:37 am - Monday - March 5th - Grand Canyon - 19º F, 50% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the south by southeast.....forecast for today is sunny skies with a high of 42º F.  The wind is finally gone.  

The wind was still blowing Sunday morning, and blew all day long and into the early evening.  I walked to work being pushed by the wind, and walked home leaning into the wind.  Every time the front doors would open I would get a blast of cold air at my register.....the wind was omnipresent, and the topic of conversation with virtually every single customer.  As is the case on such days we sold a lot of jackets, watch caps and gloves.  Several customers who arrived at the Grand Canyon in shorts and flip flops were disappointed we did not sell pants, or shoes.  I'm thinking to myself...."the elevation here is 7,300' and it is winter......what are you thinking?".  The high temperature Sunday was 38º F which is cold, but relatively speaking, it was not as cold as it usually is here at the Grand Canyon this time of year.  Now, to be fair, the windchill factor was 17º F, and that my friends is cold.

Since we are now in the month of March we are beginning to see some Spring Break folks, and Sunday was quite busy.  I dropped $ of my biggest morning shifts in a long, long time.  I had my first customer by 8:30 am and it stayed busy for 4 hours with just brief interludes when the store was completely empty.

I was on my way walking home by 12:30.....I was looking forward to watching the final round of the World Golf Championship in Mexico City, which promised to be a barn burner, and it was.  Ultimately Phil Mickelson, who had not won a tournament in 4.5 years, won in a playoff on the first playoff hole....... good friend, Scott Smith, who recently passed on unexpectedly, loved to watch 'Sir Phil', as he called him, play golf.......I wish he could have seen him win Sunday, and it was Scott I was thinking of when the tournament ended with Phil the winner.

TLE was home by 5:30 pm......we recently purchased a 4" memory foam mattress topper to replace the one we had which was several years old and was way overdue for replacement if you know what I mean.  It came from Amazon in a large box, but it was all folded up as you would expect.  When we unpacked it Saturday we didn't realize it would take 48 hours for it to expand to its proper fullness.  Well, Sunday afternoon it had reached its full potential and it was time to install it, so before TLE even changed clothes we went out to the trailer to retrieve it and install it.....OMG, is that 4" memory foam cushion wonderful!

Well, as you can tell from my blog post titles yesterday and today we are counting down our final days here at Desert View.  We are now down to two of everything.....two more weeks, two more Sunday's, two more Monday's, two more Wednesdays......etc.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Short timers attitude... I haven't thought about that since I retired from the Coast Guard.
    I counted down the last 100 days, crossed them off on my coffee cup.

  2. your experiencing what I did at this time of first arriving at the Grand Canyon a year ago as of March 1st. I remember so many showing up there in Shorts and flip flops freezing..Hard to believe a year has gone by.


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