Saturday, March 24, 2018

Walk around the block......

6:54 am - Saturday - March 24th - Indio, CA - 62º F, 46% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the northwest.....partly cloudy with a forecast high of 81º F.  We roll our wheels in about 2 hours!  Homeward bound....

Being here in Indio for three days has really been a tonic.   The weather has been magnificent.  Each time I walk around outside I cannot help but comment to whomever may be listening how wonderful the balmy air feels.  I have worn flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt almost exclusively, and am gradually getting some color back on my forearms and legs.

TLE and I decided to take a long walk Friday morning 'around the block'....well, the 'block' turned out to be 1 mile square, and our walk turned out to be 4.1 miles in all.    We walked north along Madison Street to Miles Avenue where we turned left walking all the way to Jefferson Street turning left once again and proceeding south to HWY 111, and then back east along HWY 111 to complete the 1 mile square walk.  Not quite what I had in mind for our first walk in about three weeks, but it was mostly flat, or so it felt.  My Strava GPS program tells me we had a total elevation gain over the course of the 4.1 miles of 103'......

Looking westward along Miles Avenue all our 4.1 mile walk took us 1 hour and 16 minutes, and we averaged 3.3 mph....not too bad.  We made one stop during our walk at a local produce stand to pick up some artichokes, strawberries, and spinach.....haven't had artichokes for over a year!

Just as we were walking back to the Newell through the Elks Lodge parking lot I spied a vintage Silver Streak trailer....apparently these beautiful trailers were only in production from 1946 to 1949......this one looked great for its age!

Shortly after getting back to the Newell we headed out in the VW to visit the local Goodwill.....I came home with nothing new, but TLE found a couple of clothing items without which she believed she could not live.

Around 5 pm we headed over to Bill and Kelly's 5th wheel for cocktails and 'wings' courtesy of Bill.....OMG, where they ever delicious!  As is our habit we talked non-stop until just before 7 pm at which time we headed into the Elks Lodge bar to listen to music and talk some more.  By 8:30 pm we were talked out, so bid our adieus to one another.....our last night together for a while.

The wind blew all night, and it was delightful to feel it coming in through our OPEN windows all night is good!

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  1. Gotta be loving that wonderful warm weather after your cold winter, looks like a nice walk around the block.
    Hmm we saw a silver Streak trailer in our campground un Texas last week it was a 1974 in nice shape and still all original.

  2. Township blocks can be a good walk!


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