Friday, March 9, 2018

Desert View - Day 119 - T minus 9 - De-gunking

6:43 am - Friday - March 9th - Grand Canyon - 29º F, 47% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the east by southeast.....forecast for today is partly cloudy with another high of 60º F in the offing.  

Almost overnight we have taken on 6, or 7 new employees here at Desert View, and just in time.  Because we were short handed TLE and I had to work 6 days, including Thursday, this past week.  With the sudden infusion of bodies we will be back to our usual 5 days for our final week here at Desert View.  I was on site by my usual 7:25 am, and going about my opening chores.  By 8 am we were ready to open the doors and wondering if it would be as busy as the past few days.....the answer was somewhere in between.  I dropped $ that's busy for me.....TLE dropped $496 and change.  Of course, full disclosure dictates I also tell you that I worked until 2:15 pm instead of my usual 12:30 pm.  About the time I would normally pull my drawer the store filled up with customers.....probably the busiest I have seen it since just after Christmas.  As a result I offered to stay on until 2 pm to be sure things settled down before I left TLE to face the afternoon foot traffic.

As an added bonus Thursday I was given the opportunity to spend a couple of hours early in the morning training a new cashier, Carlos, who is from Equador.  He is a 20 something and very sharp.  He had worked in a mini-market in Equador previously, and picked everything up pretty quickly.  He is here working with a few of his friends, also from Equador, until sometime in May.

I pulled my drawer just before 2 pm and was walking out the door on my way home by 2:20 pm.  Ever since we arrived here at Desert View I knew I needed to pressure wash the rear facing radiator on our Newell.  I noticed as we were making the 30 mile climb up to Desert View from Cameron (back on November 6th) that the engine temps were running 5-10º hotter than normal so resolved at that time to de-gunk the radiator before we left Desert View.  Since the high was forecast to be in the low 60's, and that would be as warm as it would get in the next 10 days I opted to do the deed Thursday afternoon.  

The timing was perfect as about 3 pm the sun would be on the radiator warming it up somewhat.  I ate a quick lunch and then began to get out the equipment I would need to clean the radiator, and then pull out everything I store in the two engine bays so I could get at the radiator.  The entire process takes about 90-100 minutes with probably less than 30 minutes spent actually pressure washing the radiator.  Before I turn on the pressure washer I spray on a solution of Simple Green (a 50/50 solution) to both sides of the radiator, give it a few minutes to do its job, then use the pressure washer spraying water from the outside in since all the gunk is on the engine side of the radiator.  It usually takes three applications of the simple green to get 90% of the gunk off the inside of the radiator.  The only way to really get it all off is to steam clean it, and we are, obviously, no where near a facility where that can be done right now.  I hope to get it thoroughly cleaned when we are in SoCal this April.

By the time I finished putting everything away it was 4:30.   TLE was home by 5:30 bearing two French Dips she had bought at the Deli for dinner.....I love the French Dips here at Desert View!

We spent the evening watching recorded episodes of 'Blacklist', 'Designated Survivor' and 'Survivor'.  To finish out the evening we watched the first installment of 'The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen'......very, very interesting!  The first installment was the story of Daniel Boone and the founding of Boonesville in the Kentucky Territory.

Friday we will spend the day in Flagstaff on our only day off this week.....thanks for stopping by!

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