Saturday, March 10, 2018

Desert View - Day 120 - T minus 8 - T and S weather

5:34 am - Saturday - March 10th - Grand Canyon - 38º F, 49% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the south by southwest.  Forecast for today is rain (80% chance) later today, and a high of 54º fact the forecast shows rain today and snow.

On our only day off work this week we opted for a trip into Flagstaff....we needed to do a BIG wash as the laundry hamper was close to overflowing.  As you will recall the dryer portion of our Splendide ceased working a few weeks ago.  We have been doing small washes here and there, but it takes a while to hang everything up to dry, therefore, it is difficult to do more than one wash at a time.  The dirty clothes have been piling up faster than we can wash and dry them so into Flagstaff it was to a big laundromat to get everything washed.

We left Desert View just after 9 am, and were arriving at the laundromat by 10:20.  I helped TLE carry everything into the facility, then left her to go get my's been about a month and it was time.  By the time I got to the Supercuts it was 10:45 am and here were three people in front of me, so I wasn't able to sit in the chair until 11:30.  I was done by 11:45 am and on my way back to the laundromat just in time to help TLE fold all the clothes.....perfect timing!

It took about 20 minutes to fold the clothes and then stow them back in the Bug making it a little after 12 pm.....time for lunch.  We made the drive across town to the Lumberyard Brewing Company arriving there about 12:15.  We were quickly shown to a table and began perusing the beer menu......

......I chose the Pumphouse Porter once again, but TLE went for one of the guest taps....a Snowboard Scotch Ale.  There are two things on a menu that will get TLE's attention and that is any Scotch Ale, and anything with  pastrami in it.  As it turned out one of the special entrees for the day was a Pastrami Hamburger.....yup, that's what she ordered for lunch.  I had their Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger and fries.  I like their version of this burger, but I still have to say the best Bacon Bleu Cheesburger I have ever eaten is served at the Bridgetender in Tahoe City, CA....the best ever......if you are ever in Tahoe City, CA stop in at the Bridgetender and try their Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger!

Brews and lunch at The Lumberyard!

You might note I am wearing a T-shirt in the above picture....I was also wearing Shorts on this day.  It was nice enough outside that we briefly considered eating out on the patio, but there was a little breeze so we opted to sit inside.  It was wonderful, if only for a day, to get in and out the car with no jacket, gloves, or watch cap.....almost balmy!

Of course, if you are in Flagstaff you must do a little grocery shopping, so our next stop was at the local Fry's Supermarket on Route 66 to pick up a few things to get us through out last week at Desert View, and then a stop at their fuel station to top off the VW gas tank.

We had one last stop on our way out of town....Savers Thrift Store!  We had a few things to donate and TLE needed some new sweat shirts to wear around home.....her old ones had finally given up the ghost.  She found three while I found nothing without which I could not live.

We were in the car on the way home by 2:15 pm, and after an uneventful 80 minute drive arrived safely back at our Newell around 3:35 pm.  We now have just 7 more workdays over the next 9 days (Saturday through Wednesday, and then next Saturday and Sunday) and then we will be done.  I am looking forward to many days of t-shirt and short pants weather!

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  1. Nice to get the candy all caught up and a nice tasty lunch and brew.

  2. The trip to the big city to do the laundry!

    When I lived in Minnesota we used to take the trip to the big city (Grand Forks ND) to go shopping.


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