Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Desert View - Day 116 - T minus 12 - Change it up!


6:38 am - Tuesday - March 6th - Grand Canyon - 29º F, humidity 26%, wind 8 mph out of the east......there does not seem to be any wind as I write.  The forecast for today is partly cloudy skies with a high of 47º F.

Beginning Monday TLE and I had a slight change of pace work wise......we have been assigned to work the next 3 days at the Trading Post.  Since they don't open until 9 am I get to sleep in until 6:30 am for those three days.  Nothing really changes for TLE except the location, however, I only work 4 hours per day for those three days.  We also received the schedule for our final week here at Desert View......

.......we will have Thursday and Friday off and work our final two days on Saturday and Sunday.  Being off Thursday and Friday will enable me to finalize all that needs yet to be done before we depart Monday morning.

Walking to work at 8:15 am is a whole new experience for me.....the sun is up, and it is much warmer.  Another nice change Monday was there was no wind.....just clear blue skies and sun.  I was at the General Store picking up my cash by 8:25 am, and walking down to the Trading Post a few minutes later.  Even though we are beginning to see Spring Break visitors it still stays pretty unbusy until about noon time, which is when I am being relieved by TLE.  I dropped $67.20 in cash, while TLE dropped north of $400 once again.  She was very busy while I spent a lot of time reading a book.

As usual I was on my way walking home before 12:30, and home 10 minutes later eating lunch, and reading my book.  I took a long nap about 1 pm waking up about 2:30.....that is a long nap for me.

Around 4:30 I went outside to open up the trailer to get something and noticed there was still NO wind, and no clouds.  It seemed like a perfect evening to have a fire.....maybe one of our last fires here.......so I pulled out a couple of chairs, laid the wood in the fireplace, and just generally enjoyed the warm sun.  I lit the fire just after 5 pm, got a cigar and a shot of scotch and sat down to await TLE's arrival.  She was home 20 minutes later, and was happy to see that I had taken the initiative to have a fire.  We sat talking until well after 6 pm when the fire began to die and the sun was setting....time to go inside.  It goes from quite comfortable to very uncomfortable temperature wise in just a few minutes.

We are officially short timers now, and our thoughts turn to 'what's next'.....we are looking forward to lower elevations, warmer days and some hiking around the Sedona area after we leave Desert View......emphasis on warmer days!  Looks like the temps are in the 70's right now in that part of Arizona!

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