Sunday, March 11, 2018

Desert View - Day 121 - T minus 7 - FFOD

5:44 am - Sunday - March 11th - Grand Canyon - 39º F, humidity 95% (raining hard), wind 1 mph out of the northwest.  It's been raining for several hours now, and you can tell by the temperature at 5:44 am that it is not that cold.  Forecast high for today is 48º F.

As I walked to work Saturday I could tell by the smell of the air that it was going to rain.....I love that smell!  It was another typical Spring Break Saturday....very unbusy until about 10 am, then we began to get a flood of tourists into the store.  I finished out my shift dropping $247.96 while TLE dropped exactly $460.  Time goes by more quickly when we are even moderately busy in the store.

I was home from work by 12:35 pm and within an hour was out in the trailer to begin the final push to get everything organized so we can put the artificial turf away Monday, and insert the VW in about a week.  I had the current PGA tour event playing in the background on the trailer TV so I could keep track of Tiger Woods' progress.  After battling major knee and back injuries over the past few years he seems to be back in competitive form.  The announcers were reporting record breaking attendance at the tournament due to Tiger's return to competitive golf.  We'll see how he does this weekend.  After 54 holes (3 rounds) he is one stroke out of the lead at 8 under par, and has played three sub par rounds in a row.

By 3 pm I had about half the stuff in the trailer stowed away, and should be able to finish Sunday afternoon when it stops raining.  It's important that we get everything put away by the end of Sunday as we will have 2 dry days to get the artificial turf dried out and inside the trailer before the weather takes a turn for the worse later in the week.

It's looking like we will get 1-4" of snow next Saturday through Sunday, so we are thinking about moving our departure date up to Friday the 16th.  I don't want to be hooking up the trailer and loading the car in the snow, right?  At any rate, the 'T minus' countdown may change by'll be the first to know.

We spent the evening watching 'Fist Full of Dollars' (1964) starring Clint Eastwood, which I had recorded earlier in the afternoon.  This was the first installment of what came to be known as the 'Spaghetti Westerns'.  The sequels were 'For a Few Dollars More' (1965) and 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' (1966).  I remember while attending college in East Texas driving into Gladewater, TX in early 1968 with my good friend Tom Carrozzo to the local theater which was having a 'Spaghetti Western' marathon that night....we watched all three in succession finishing about 2 am.  'Fist Full of Dollars' essentially launched Clint Eastwood's movie career.  It is said he earned just $15,000 dollars for his role in this movie, and that the role had been turned down by both Charles Bronson and James Coburn.

I was in bed just after 9:30 pm......thanks for stopping by!

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