Monday, March 26, 2018

Settling into SoCal.......

7:42 am - Monday - March 26th - Fontana, CA - 43º F, 66% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the north......clear blue skies.  Forecast high for today is 68º F.

I haven't remarked much lately about the NCAA March Madness tournament, but I have been watching almost every game!  Sunday saw the final two games of the 'Elite Eight' being played between Texas Tech and Villanova, and between Duke and Kansas.  Villanova won their game over Texas Tech pretty handily, but the Duke vs. Kansas game was a nail biter right down to the last seconds of the 5 minute overtime with Kansas prevailing at the end.  So, the Final Four is set.......Loyola Chicago vs. Michigan and Villanova vs. Kansas.....Loyola is this year's Cinderella team, and they are good!

Nevertheless, I did not spend all day in front of the television....I had a few tasks to accomplish, the main one being installing and activating our new XM Radio receiver in the Newell.  I've had the receiver for several months, but decided to wait to make the switch from our long time Panasonic XM Radio receiver until we were where there was a strong cell phone signal in case I was not able to complete the transfer online.  When I installed our new radio in the VW a couple of years ago I had issues and had to be on the phone for about 30 minutes to get it done.  The new receiver is about half the size of the old receiver enabling me to install it in a different location freeing up room on our center console, which is always jammed with too much stuff when we are under way.

As it turned out the online transfer went off without a hitch and I didn't need to be on the phone one second to get it done, but you know, if I had tried to do it while we were at the Grand Canyon I just know I would have had to be on the phone!  At any rate the install went smoothly, and we both love the new location of the receiver.

The only other thing we had going on Sunday was dinner at Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ in Chino Hills around 5 pm to celebrate the birthday of our son-in-law, Nick (married to Katie, and father of Jolene Rose) who just turned 32.  We arrived about 5:10 pm just in time to be seated at our long table.....

 Brayden James and Jolene Rose

 The birthday boy, Nick (on the right, of course)

 Rod, Brayden James, Meredith (oldest daughter) and Sharon (youngest daughter)

.....we had a lovely dinner garnering many hugs from our grand kiddies, and kids.  TLE and I split the 'Back Porch' entree which had BBQ'd chicken, St. Louis Ribs and Tri-tip with sides of french fried sweet potatoes and coleslaw....I'm glad we split it as I would never have been able to finish the plate by myself!

TLE and I with three of our grand kiddies......Brayden, Charlie and Jolene

We were on our way back to Fontana by 6:40 looking forward to more hugs and kisses to come.  The nice thing about this time home is the babies remember us now, and they have most of their  Not much teething going on right now which makes them much more pleasant to be around!

So, day two in SoCal is now in the books.  We've got much to do over the next 3 weeks including the installation of our 'new' Spendide 2000 washer/dryer sometime this week, as well as doctor and dentist appointments.

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