Thursday, March 8, 2018

Desert View - Day 118 - T minus 10 - Sneezy

5:48 am - Thursday - March 8th - Grand Canyon - 23º F, humidity 51%, wind - CALM.....first time in about 2 weeks!  Forecast for today is partly cloudy skies with a high of 60º F!

Time continues to 'March' on quickly....we are down to 11 days until liftoff.  A lot of things are going through my head.....most of them revolve around warmer weather, t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.  Nevertheless, there is still the here and the now......another day working in the Trading Post for moi.  Once again I walked to work with the sun warming my walk to work.  Now that we are a week into March it is as if someone flipped a switch somewhere and declared it is now SB (Spring Break)!  I dropped another $217 never comes out even!  I stayed busy all morning, and by the time TLE arrived at 12 noon things were in full swing.

Another interesting thing about Wednesday is that I began sneezing and blowing my nose as soon as I entered the Trading Post, and did not stop doing so for my entire 4 hour shift.  I don't know if I am allergic to something there in that particular store that I finally became sensitized to, or if I am getting a cold.  I never felt bad the entire shift....I just kept sneezing and blowing my nose....where did all that snot come from?  Once I was out of the store and walking home the sneezing slowed down significantly, but I kept blowing my nose.  I continued to blow my nose all afternoon, and basically filled up the trash can with spoiled tissues (as I sit here this morning composing my latest missive for your enjoyment I am not sneezing, or blowing my nose).  Finally, after TLE arrived home I took a Benadryl and that seemed to do the sinuses dried up and there was no more blowing of the nose.  My conclusion?  I think there is something in the Trading Post to which I am allergic.  Thankfully, Wednesday was my last day working there this season.  I will be back in the General Store for my remaining 8 days of work......eight days of work left!

Due to the aforementioned sneezing/blowing of the nose I stayed inside all afternoon.  I read for a while, took another delightful nap, and then watched 'Storage Wars' on TV the rest of the afternoon.....I didn't really feel like doing anything that would take me too far from my supply of kleenex.....😋

TLE was home by 5;30 advising she dropped just over $300, so the afternoon traffic slowed down somewhat after I left.  We watched some recorded NCIS shows, and I was in bed by my usual 9:30 pm.....I'm back to getting up at 5:15 for my last 8 days of work.

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