Tuesday, March 27, 2018

R.I.P splendid Splendide......

7:31 am - Tuesday - March 27th - Fontana, CA - 57º F, 24% humidity, wind 14 mph out of the north by northeast......feels totally calm at this time....sunny skies with a forecast high of 74º F.

Monday was errand day.   We needed to pick up several packages at my son Chris' office (new Garmin GPS, an air purifier and a replacement filter for that purifier), as well as our mail, have lunch at Rubio's, drop off some donations at Goodwill, shop at Goodwill, stop by my primary care physician's office to make an appointment, get my medical records transferred from the Grand Canyon Clinic to my primary care physician, be at TLE's optometrist appointment by 2 pm, and then head home to remove the old Splendide washer/dryer from the Newell to make way for the installation of the 'new' Splendide washer/dryer (also at my son's office) on Tuesday.

We were on our way into Rancho Cucamonga by 11:10 am and at my son's office by 11:30 am.  Our oldest grand daughter, Cynthia works for Chris in the family insurance business and is now pregnant with our second great grand child......can you believe that?  She is due in September and looks great!  We spent about 30 minutes visiting with Cynthia and Chris before gathering up our mail and packages and heading to lunch at Rubio's Coastal Grill.....this is a southwestern U.S. franchise, so whenever we are back in SoCal a lunch there is a must.

From there we headed over to Goodwill where we donated a few things, but found nothing without which we could not live.  Next it was over to TLE's appointment where we were in and out within 20 minutes, then it was over to my primary care physician's office to make an appointment for Wednesday, and sign a release so they can get my medical records.  We were headed home by 3 pm, and within minutes were getting ready to remove the aforementioned old Splendide.

I have to say, I was a little concerned about removing the old Splendide as it has not been outside the Newell since it was installed over 36 years ago.  It is quite heavy, plus that compartment where it has spent its life is very tight, and then getting it down the entry stairs would surely be 'fun', right?  I knew it would be difficult inching 150 lbs. of metal out of its cubbyhole, but I had it to do.

It took me about an hour in all to remove the shelving, the pantry doors and then the Splendide itself.    It took a while to 'inch' it out, and then there were the stairs with which to contend, however, with TLE's help we muscled it down the stairs and on to the artificial turf without mishap.....

R.I.P. splendid 'Splendide'

.....by the time we had the Splendide compartment cleaned up for the new Splendide,  and reinstalled the pantry doors and shelving it was after 5 pm and I was exhausted!  Time for a nap and an adult beverage.....not necessarily in that order.  

We got a lot of use out of our old Splendide over the 10 years we have had the Newell, and when the dryer stopped working we never even gave replacing it immediately a second thought.  Some people don't like these small washer/dryer combos, but we have learned how to use it, and it makes our life on the road more pleasant......we rarely, if ever, spend time sitting in a laundromat, which is one of my least favorite things to do!

We watched some recorded TV programs ('Timeless', 'Designated Surviror', 'Chopped' and 'Beat Bobby Flay') and were in bed by 11 pm.....what a day!

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  1. Nice that you got your use out of it, we do not want one end though we could in out rig, good luck with another


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