Monday, March 12, 2018

Desert View - Day 122 - T minus 4, not 6

5:45 am - Monday - March 12th - Grand Canyon - 36º F, 73% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the south.....forecast for today is clear blue skies with a high of 53º F.  We have rain in the forecast for Wednesday (14th) , and then 2-4" of snow Saturday and Sunday (17th and 18th).  The snow this weekend has caused us to move our departure date up from the 18th to the 16th, hence the change in the 'T minus' number above from 6 to 4.

Sunday morning was 'Daylight Savings Time' for most the country, but if you are living in Arizona your clock did not have to be changed.  Because our clocks did not spring forward we are now sharing Pacific Time with the West Coast folks, and now our DirecTV is back on West Coast time.....yay!

I woke up to a blood pressure spike so I 'called in' sick.....more important to get my blood pressure down (it came down later in the morning, and is okay now), and then TLE woke up with an itchy rash on her back, so she 'called in' sick, also.  I wrote about the allergic reaction I had to something in the Trading Post last week, and now TLE has had a reaction to something at either the General Store, or something environmental.  She treated the rash with some topical Benadryl, and it began to improve later in the day.  

We awoke up to heavy rainfall, which had commenced sometime earlier in the morning, and continued unabated until about 8 am.  It's the first time we have had any sustained rainfall since we arrived back on November 6th, and I am sure they need the rain here at the Grand Canyon.  It also helped melt any remaining snow around the Newell and trailer.  

Since my job Sunday was to relax and get my blood pressure down I did no work in the trailer, but that's cool, because I have Monday and Tuesday afternoon to finish, and get the artificial turf inside before it rains again on Wednesday.

I basically spent the entire day in my recliner watching first English Premier Soccer, and then all 18 holes of the Valspar golf tournament in Tampa Bay, FL.  Tiger Woods managed a 1 under par 70 round Sunday to make it four days in a row posting an under par score, and finished one stroke behind the winner, Paul Casey. He had a birdie opportunity on the 18th hole to tie, but just fell short.  He had to drain a 44 foot birdie putt on the 17th hole to get within 1 stroke, and have a chance to tie it one hole later.  All that being said it was great to see him playing competitive golf once again at age 42.  Whether, or not you like him personally, you have to admire his grit and determination to fight his way back into playing competitive golf once again.

I didn't leave the Newell the entire day....I just relaxed.  I know the reason for my blood pressure spike, but will not share it now.....maybe next week after we are on the road.  I pride myself on showing up for work every day I am scheduled, but now that I have high blood pressure I must take care of myself first.

The fog rolled in and out the rest of the day, so I am sure there was not much 'viewing' of the Grand Canyon going on at the Watchtower.  Finally about 4 pm the sun came out, and the clouds began to clear should be a nice clear day on Monday!

So, here we are getting ready to pull up our anchor in just a few more days.....we'll work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and have Thursday and Friday off enabling us to easily get the final preparations for departure on Friday completed.

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