Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Not much......

5:00 am - Tuesday - April 3rd - SoCal - 56º F, 79% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the west.....partly cloudy skies today with a forecast high of 76º F.  Why am I up so early?  Well, today we drive south to Los Algodones, Mexico to have our annual dental checkups at the offices of Dr. Eva Urena!

Monday began slowly, and pretty much stayed slow all day.  TLE went shopping without me, and when she does that she is gone for 2, or 3 hours.  She only went to two stores, but I think she likes to shop without me so she can take her time.  When I'm with her I just want to get in and out of each store as quickly as possible.  Now if we were visiting several home improvement stores, or maybe even Harbor Freight, or Tractor Supply that would be me being gone for 2, or 3 hours.

It was quite cold until early afternoon....I had planned to ride my bike early in the day, but just didn't want to have to put on my winter bicycle wear to go riding for less than an hour, so I waited until after TLE came home to go riding....by that time the sun had come out, and the temp had warmed into the high 60's.

While TLE was gone I did take time to thin out my clothing 'herd', and managed to build a small pile of clothing to donate to Goodwill, or some similar thrift store.  That was the extent of my accomplishments until about 3 pm when I headed out to take a 10+ mile ride, which ended up being exactly 11 miles.......

......I rode the Pacific Electric bike path west to Cherry Ave. before making the turn around and was back at the Newell in less than 47 minutes averaging 14.1 mph, and burning 645 caloric units.  It is so good to be on my bicycle once again!

My final accomplishment of the day was to dump our black tank around 4:15 pm using our Shurflo macertor pump.  That task took about 25 minutes, and at least 10 of that was unwinding and then winding back up 150' of contractor hose through which I pump the black tank effluent.  It does take longer to dump our black tank using the macerator pump, but that is much more preferable to have to unhook the coach utilities so I can drive 150' to the dump station to dump.....that would take even longer, and would really be much more inconvenient, no?

At 6 pm we turned on the NCAA March Madness final between Villanova and Michigan.  As always, I just wanted it to be a close game until the end.....I did not get that wish.  The first half ended with Villanova up 7, or 8 points, and then being up by 20 or more in the second half before winning 79-62.....it really wasn't even that close as Villanova just dominated Michigan seeming to score at will.

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