Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rehab - Day 2

7:36 am - Wednesday - April 12th - SoCal - 52º F, 70% humidity, wind - 4 mph out of the south by southwest......partly cloudy with a forecast high of 73º F.  If you don't like California weather just wait a couple of has dropped 20º in the last two days.  As of this morning my bruised ribs are feeling much better.  I didn't have to take a pain pill to get to sleep last night.

Tuesday saw me not doing much of anything.  Most anything I wanted, or needed to do in preparation for our departure requires some lifting, or extensive use of arm and chest muscles and there is just too much pain from my bruised ribs so I was a good boy and just rested.  As long as I stay still I do not have much pain, but lifting (of course), bending over, getting in and out of my recliner all hurt.....not as bad as Tuesday, but it still hurts.  I did help TLE retrieve her sewing machine from the trailer, however, which required me to remove everything from the workbench so it could be lifted enabling her, not me, to lift out the sewing machine which is stored between the Cannondale Tandem bike and the front wall of the trailer.  It only comes out a few times a year, so it does not have to be readily accessible.  Usually I would perform this task, but lifting anything weighing more than 1 pound hurts like hell right now.  TLE is really being a good sport about it all.

I got a call from our mechanic at Joel's Automotive about our VW.  As I reported we are having the oil changed and a check engine light investigated.  He advised that whoever changed the oil the last time cross threaded the oil pan plug damaging the threads on the oil pan, so that whole 'assembly' will have to be replaced.  On our second issue, the

light, he advised it was the connecting wire and connector that were bad, not the knock sensor, so he was going to have to track down that wire/connector.  As a result we would not be getting the VW back until Thursday.  To Joel's credit, he did call back about 3 pm to say he had located the wire/connector in Pasadena and could have the car ready by 5, but I didn't want to fight rush hour traffic to get to and from his shop so we deferred to the previously agreed to Thursday pick up.

I've been getting emails from various readers of our blog about our Alaska trip sharing their Alaska experiences, and we really, really appreciate the information they have provided.    If you have traveled to Alaska by RV, plane, bus, ferry, etc. and would like to share your experiences, and places visited please feel free to do so (  Any, and all information we can get will be greatly appreciated, and helpful.

On Tuesday, when I had my bike crash I took 3 pain pills over the first 24 hours, but I am happy to report that I have not had a pain pill since 3 am Tuesday morning.  I prefer not to be taking pain pills, and after 24 hours the residual pain from my bruised ribs was tolerable enough for me to function and sleep, which only reconfirms to me how lucky I was in this crash.  It could have been much worse.

The wind, unexpectedly, came up around 5 pm causing the awning to flap around quite a bit, so we had to get outside quickly to stow it.....that was a little painful for me, but with the help of Todd (Elks Lodge RV host) we got it put away with no damage.  Of course, within an hour the wind had abated.  It looks like we will have wind Thursday and Friday, so we'll just leave it in its stowed position until that is over.  We watched some recorded TV programs and were in bed a little after 10 am.  

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  1. Glad that you are slowly revering and hope you get better soon. We have decided that ou bicycles are going away. With my thin skin now I can bleed easily and it is like tissue paper, so even a small from my bike would do a lot of damage, and Suzie has nit ridden hers for 3 years or more now.