Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Sunday

7:51 am - Monday - April 2nd - SoCal - 55º F, 79% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the south by southwest.....heavy overcast once again with a forecast high of 70º f today.  The marine layer should burn off by noon time giving way to partly cloudy, but mostly sunny skies.

Usually SoCal gets what we call 'May/June gloom' in May and June (duh!) each year which is caused by a heavy marine layer moving on and off the coast each day, but it appears we are getting that 'May/June gloom' in April this year.  Typically we will wake up to heavy overcast skies each morning which usually 'burns' off anywhere from mid morning to noon time leaving us with sunny skies the rest of the day.  It keeps the temperature from getting too high.  In some past years the 'May/June gloom' has extended well into July making for a cooler than normal summer.

Since we returned to SoCal we have had some sort of appointment, or activity scheduled every single day, and Sunday was no exception......for the 9th consecutive day we had something scheduled.....Easter dinner at my oldest son's home.  We left our coach around 11:30 am arriving at Chris' home by 11:50.  We were looking forward to visiting with Rochelle's (Chris' wife) side of the family, including her father and mother, Ed and Linda, but Ed had been admitted to the local hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery Friday night, and was still in the hospital on Sunday.  The operation was a success, however, the doctors wanted to keep him in the hospital for observation for a couple of days.  At any rate we had a lovely time with everyone, and a great dinner before heading home a little after 2 pm.

Not much else to report about Sunday.....I spent time watching the final round of the PGA Houston Open ultimately won by Ian Poulter in a one hole playoff.  Then I watched the NCAA women's basketball final between Notre Dame and Mississippi won at the final buzzer by a 3 point shot by a Notre Dame player.  I had no favorite in the game, and just wanted a close game.....well, I got that for sure!

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