Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A little 'junking' on a rainy day......

7:39 am - Wednesday - October 3rd (Happy birthday to me!) - Smithfield, RI - 58º F, 98% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the north......heavy cloud cover with a forecast high of 68º F.  No rain today!

With one more day of rain in the offing we had to get out of the coach for a few hours.  What haven't we done in quite a while?  Junking, of course....a perfect rainy day activity!  While TLE researched the local thrift store opportunities I wrote the blog.

Ultimately, she found three thrift stores within easy driving distance, and we set out to visit them around 11:30 am.  First up was a Salvation Army wasn't the nicest one we have visited, but it was adequate.  Nevertheless, neither of us found anything without which we could not live.  Then it was off to what we thought was the local Goodwill, however, when we arrived it turned out to be one of their training facilities, so scratch that one off the list.

When we were working at the Grand Canyon this past winter we made numerous visits into Flagstaff on our off days, and became big fans of a thrift store called 'Savers'.  Since then we have visited several Savers Thrift Stores all across the USA.  They are all large, well lit, and look like a regular department store, plus their pricing is very generous......

.....we spent about an hour there browsing their inventory.  I came out with a woven leather belt for $2.99, but TLE kept her wallet in her pocket.  By the time we finished at Savers it was about 1:40 pm and time for a latish lunch.  We have passed this restaurant (Blackie's Bull Dog Tavern) on Washington Highway several times since we arrived in Smithfield, and decided to give them a try.  They have a 4 star rating, after all, right?

A good way to live

We arrived about 2:15 pm.....right in between the lunch and dinner crowds....and were seated immediately.  We both ordered a pint of beer.....for TLE a Kentucky Ale Vanilla Cream, and for me Allagash White.  For our entrees TLE ordered their 'Dirty Dog' (hotdog), and for moi their Brisket and Burnt Ends sandwich......OMG!

 TLE's Kentucky Ale Vanilla Cream......I was not expecting how good it tasted!

I tasted TLE's Kentucky Ale Vanilla Cream (aged in bourbon barrels), and was blown away.  If you like Cream Soda, this brew is the best of all worlds......its aroma is that of a Cream Soda, and the first taste reminds you exactly of Cream Soda, but it finishes with a hint of bourbon.

We both loved our entrees, and ended up taking home some of our food in a 'doggy box'.....there were enough french fries to feed three people.  TLE's 'Dirty Dog' hot dog was stuffed with mac 'n cheese.  Their menu offers a wide spectrum of wonderful pub food.

We were home by 3:45 pm trying to avoid slipping into a food coma.  It continued to rain well into the evening, and was still raining when we went to bed at 11:30 pm.  Kind of late, I know, but we were watching the Chicago Cubs vs. Colorado Rockies.  When we went to bed at the end of the 9th inning the game was tied 1-1 and it did not look like it would be over anytime soon.  As it turns out it went 13 innings with the Rockies winning 2-1.....poor Cubs.....out again the Wild Card round.  The Wild Card round used to be a best 3 out of 5 games series, but now it is a one game elimination......much better than the old system!

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