Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Layover day......

8:16 am - Wednesday - October 17th - Grayson, KY - 42º F, 90% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the southwest.....crystal clear blue skies today with a forecast high of 63º F.  Haven't seen sun this early in the day for a week!  Our layover day here in Grayson has come to an end, and we will be rolling our wheels in a couple of hours......onward to Lexington!

Having spent so much time in the northeast this fall dry camping I have been reminded why it is so much more difficult to utilize solar power to recharge one's batteries.  Why?  There is so much cloud cover this time of year, and then you have the much heavier tree canopy which prevents you from getting sun on your solar panels at various times of the day.  That has not prevented us from doing our fair share of dry camping, but we have had to use our small generator much more than we do when in the southwest.  It is not my ideal way to dry camp, but it is just a matter of adapting to the conditions in which you find yourself.  The one thing which is exponentially more difficult to do in the northeast is to boondock, and I miss that a lot

Tuesday began like most days recently with heavy cloud cover, but eventually we got the partly cloudy skies we were promised.  It never got above 60º F.  We eventually ventured out to do a little exploring around Grayson, which included a stop at the local adult beverage store to resupply, and then to the local supermarket to pick up a few things.  Other than that we did make a stop at a local antique store to browse through their junk, and they had a lot of really interesting stuff.  Nothing was purchased, but we had a good time browsing, nonetheless.

We were back home around 2 pm.  My cold is gradually fading away, but it is taking longer than I would wish.  I find myself tired much of the time, and taking frequent naps when not driving.  I took two nice naps Tuesday afternoon.  I am really hoping this thing is done by the time we start work at Amazon next week!

Around 5 pm I pulled out the Sea-B-Que to grill some salmon for dinner.  Haven't had the Sea-B-Que out since we left Tony and Janet's home back on September 14th.  When we have been in a place long enough to pull it out the weather has not cooperated at all.  It seems we have had more rainy days than dry, but that's probably just in my mind.

My L.A. Dodgers lost game three of the NLCS series Monday night 4-0 against the Brewers, but they prevailed in 13 innings Tuesday night 2-1 to pull even again in the series at two games apiece.  The game did not end until 2:15 am here in the eastern time zone, so I was not awake when they won....I did stay up until 11:30 pm, but based on the way the game was proceeding decided I was not going to see the end of the game, and went to bed.

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