Sunday, October 28, 2018

On the brink.....

4:17 am - Sunday - October 27th - Campbellsville, KY - 40º F, 96% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 67º F.

In spite of me not getting to sleep until 3:35 am Saturday morning I was awake just after 9 am.....oh well, there are always naps.  On the bright side I woke up to the news the Dodgers had prevailed in their 18 inning marathon, so I guess that takes a little bit of the edge off of not enough sleep!

The day began with heavy cloud cover, and that never changed all day long.  It was breezy, and very cold outside.  It looked like it would rain any minute, but it never did, and due to the heavy cloud cover it really did not dry out much either.

My only goal for Saturday was to rest in preparation for our first 10 hour shift at Amazon on Sunday morning.  After two mornings of sleeping in I will be getting up at 4 am for the next 3 mornings, then two more off days (Wednesday and Thursday), and then our regularly scheduled four 10 hour work days ensue, plus one MOT (Mandatory Overtime) day each week on Tuesday for the foreseeable future.

We had a leisurely morning watching English Premier Soccer then decided to get dressed and go to Walmart for a few grocery items.  We stopped off at a couple of other local stores to check them out.....Big Lots and Burkes Outlet, and then it was off to Walmart for a small shopping.  We were back home by 2:30 pm.  While TLE put away the things we bought at Walmart I took another nap.

The afternoon passed quickly, and we were back in bed by 8 pm.  Game 4 of the World Series began at 8:09 pm, so I did not get the score until this morning (Sunday) Dodgers lost 9-6.  They actually had the lead through 6 innings......4-0, but then the relievers entered the game and gave up 9 runs over the final 3 sad.  So now the Dodgers are on the brink of elimination trailing the Red Sox 3 games to 1, with game five on Sunday.

Anyway, that was our Saturday.......time to gird ourselves for a 10 hour shift.....thanks for stopping by!

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