Thursday, October 25, 2018

Day 2........

4:17 am - Thursday - October 25th - Campbellsville, KY - 42º F, 68% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the northeast........overcast with a forecast high today of 61º F......rain is coming Friday.

Wednesday was officially Day # 2.  TLE and I left to walk over to the FC* around 6:10 am arriving there about 6:20 am.  We like to get there a few minutes early to get our work gloves and official Amazon box cutters out of our lockers, and then stow our overcoats, winter gloves, and watch caps.  We work in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.  It tends to be warm inside the FC*, at least for us, and we are both much more comfortable wearing the legal minimum.  Of course, if there is a fire drill, or other such emergency, and we have to exit at one of the many exits around the building we could be standing outside in the rain, or snow, or just plain cold weather.  Right now it is not too bad temp wise during the day (61º F Wednesday), but 6 years ago when we were working the night shift we had a bomb scare about 1 am and I exited the building into 30º F temperatures.....they eventually brought us emergency blankets but the first 45 minutes were not comfortable!

We clocked in at 6:25 am, and proceeded to the 'Stand Up' area to get the Amazon news of the day, and do our stretching.  After that we newbies broke into 2 five person groups again and headed off into the bowels of Amazon to begin picking.  Periodically during the morning my Amabassador, Steve, would stop by to see how I was doing, and to ask questions about the tasks I was performing to be sure I understood the process.  Those two, or three breaks from picking were nice, but by next week when we transition to 10 hour shifts we will be pretty much on our own unless we require some assistance.

We take our break about 9 am (the chimes sound at 8:57 am) at which time we trundle off to the cafeteria for our 15 minute break.  I usually get a cup of coffee to perk me up, but eat no snacks.  I'm trying to utilize the exercise combined with a little less caloric intake to get a little more fit, if you know what I mean.  Just before the end of the break I decide to shed one of my two top layers.....the first two days (Orientation and Day # 1) it seemed a little chilly inside so I added a long sleeve layer over my t-shirt, but by Day # 2 I was getting too warm.  I was much more comfortable the remainder of the 5 hour shift with just the t-shirt.

I spent my time in Pick Mods E & F (in building "C") Wednesday picking virtually 100% clothing.  The time seemed to pass by pretty quickly and 11:20 am came around in no time.  Time to make the walk to the front, punch the time clock and escape to freedom for another afternoon.  One more 5 hour day and then we are into the 'Lions Den' for the next 7 weeks.  It appears this Tuesday we will have our first MOT (Mandatory Overtime) day.  The good news is we get paid time and a half for that day which comes to a tidy $22.50/hour for 10 hours, or $225 per person for that one day.....suweet!  If we get an MOT every single week we will be grossing between the two of us close to $1,700/week!  Double sweet with a little extra sugar on it!

We had a pleasant walk home chatting the entire time about our morning, and plans for our afternoon.  TLE needed to run to the store, and I needed to dump the black tank, as well as install our inline city water filter, which task I had neglected when we arrived back on the 18th.  The water here in Campbellsville is kind of 'hard', and a good water filter is necessary.

When I went to get the hose which I use to flush the black tank I noticed the aluminum hook I hang the extra hoses on was loose so I spent about 20 minutes removing the old screws, then drilling new holes as the old holes were stripped out.  It's nice having all the proper tools at hand to take care of a small job like that.  Then it was time to pull out our flag pole, and our Stars and Stripes.  Haven't had the flag up since we left Southwest Harbor, ME.  Finally, I got around to dumping the black tank, and installing the aforementioned water filter.  Once those tasks were complete I had the rest of the afternoon to relax.

Around 5:30 pm I grilled up some pollo asado at TLE's request.....of course that means 'Street Tacos' are in the offing, and what tasty 'Street Tacos' they were!  While we ate we watched three recorded TV shows......'NCIS', 'NCIS: New Orleans', and 'Chopped'.  I was in bed at my usual 8 pm looking forward to Day # 3 of our work hardening schedule, then 2 more days off work before we begin our regularly scheduled programming.....the 10 hour shifts!

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*FC = Fulfillment Center

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