Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The second ten.....

4:20 am - Tuesday - October 30th - Campbellsville, KY - 39º F, 93% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....clear today with a forecast high of 70º F.

The secret to making 10 hours seem like just 10 hours, and not 20 is to break it down into component parts.  What do I mean?  Well, for me there are 9 separate time frames in my day, and I just focus on reaching the end of the next time frame.  I submit the following for your review:

1) The first time frame is rather brief (just 15 minutes).....from the time we clock in (6:25 am) until we are dismissed from our first 'stand up' meeting (6:40 am).

2) The second is about 10 minutes, and that is the time it takes to walk from 'stand up' to the pick mod to which we have been assigned, find a cart, put on your work gloves and walk to the first 'pick' of the day.

3) The third runs from about 6:55 am until about 8 am when I park my pick cart and take a restroom break.  Depending on where I am in Building 'C' it can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes round trip to the bathroom, plus another 5 minutes to retrieve my pick cart, and then walk to the next 'pick'....by this time it is about 8:15 am, and I have 75 minutes until our first 15 minute break of the day, which is more like 20 minutes due to the time consumed walking to and fro.

4) The fourth runs from the time I get back from break which is about 9:20 am, until about 10:20 am when I take another restroom break.  The to and from takes about 10+ minutes, and then it is 10:30 and I only have 45 minutes until it's time to walk to our lunch break.....11:15 am.....lunch begins at 11:20 am.

5) The fifth follows lunch at which time it is about 11:50 am and time for another 'stand up' meeting.  By the time we finish 'stand up' it is about 12:05 pm.

6) The sixth runs from 12:05 pm until about 12:15 pm when we walk from 'stand up' to the pick mod to which we have been assigned, get a cart, put on our gloves and walk to the first pick it is about 12:25 pm.

7) The seventh runs from 12:25 pm until my next restroom break around 1:15 pm.  By the time I return, get my cart, put on my gloves, and walk to the next 'pick' it is closing in on 1:30 pm

8) The eighth runs from 1:30 pm until 2:27 pm when I walk to my 15 minute break......by the time I get back from the break, retrieve my cart, put on my gloves and walk to my next 'pick' it is around 2:55 pm.

9) The ninth runs from 2:55 pm until 4 pm when I take my final restroom break.  By the time I return, get my cart, put on my gloves, and walk to my next 'pick' it is about 4:15 pm, and I only have 35 minutes until I walk back to the front of the building to punch the clock for the 4th time at exactly 4:55 pm, and 10.5 hours have elapsed since I punched the block for the first time at 6:25 am.

That is how I make 10 hours of work feel like just 10 hours, and not more.

There was nothing remarkable about Monday.  It was much like Sunday, and much like every other work day at Amazon will be from now until we are released around December 23rd.  At some point in the next week, or two I hope to become once again competent enough to 'pick' effectively and day dream at the same time.....that is when the time will feel like it is going faster.  There are not too many work related activities in the world that are more mind numbingly boring than 'picking'.  I'm not saying there are not, but they do no come to mind at this time.

The last two days it is has been quite sunny, and balmy when we have exited the FC to walk home, which, by the bye, is all uphill.  When you have just finished walking 10+ miles over 10.5 hours the last thing for which you might wish is to walk 1/4 mile uphill, but that is precisely what we do each work day.

From the time we arrive home (5:15 pm) until we go to bed is just under 3 hours.....not a lot of time.  We spend that time soaking our feet in epsom salt laced hot water, relaxing, and probably watching a couple of recorded TV episodes.  On this evening we watched a recorded English Premier soccer match, and 'Last Ship' before calling it a day and heading for slumberland one more time.

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