Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Driving in the rain - Part 2

7:17 am - Tuesday - October 16th - Grayson, KY - 43º F, 93% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the south.......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 58º F.

Since we left Fontana, CA back on April 17th we have studiously avoided driving in the rain, and for 6 months we were 100% successful until this past Sunday, and then again on Monday.  We're kind of in a bind time wise as there is rain forecast in Campbellsville on Friday & Saturday, so we do not want to arrive in the rain, meaning we needed to drive Monday to get to Grayson, KY where we are going to stay 2 days at a small RV park where we will dump our tanks, take a break from the daily moving, and then head into Lexington, KY where we will overnight at a Cabela's which happens to be right next door to a COSTCO, and not that far from a Trader Joe's!  From there we will make the final 100 run into Campbellsville, KY where we will sit still for 2 months.

But, I get ahead of myself.  We awoke to threatening skies, but at least it was already in the 60's temp wise.  We knew we only had about 69 miles to travel Monday to get us to a small RV park in Grayson, KY, about 20 miles west of the West Virginia border.  We haven't had full hookups, or 50 amp service for several weeks, and thought it would be nice to have a couple of days with both before we continue our run to Campbellsville.

I started putting away the small generator around 9 am, and just as I finished it began to sprinkle.  By the time we turned over the big Detroit Diesel 6v92 it had begun to rain, and by the time we were merging onto I-64 it was coming down pretty hard.  On the plus side the road was pretty flat, so I just set the cruise control and held onto the steering wheel.

The time passed pretty quickly, and within 50 minutes we were crossing into Kentucky......

......when we were just 3 miles from our off ramp I saw a sign for a rest area.....perfect!  We were going to arrive in the rain, and I was still wearing my pajama bottoms and slippers, so a quick wardrobe change was in order.  We pulled in, used the bathroom, then changed clothes.  Within 15 minutes we were parked in the entry drive and walking over to the office to register.  There was no one in, so I self registered for two nights in one of the pull through sites, paid my $60 ($30/night) and then drove to the site we had chosen.......

This little RV park is called Valley Breeze RV Campground.....we are in the spot with the vertical red line drawn through it

.......within a few minutes I had connected our shore power cord to the 50 amp outlet, and we were in business.  I waited to connect the sewer hose and city water line until it stopped raining, or at least slowed down a little.  There was only one other RV in this little park when we arrived, and by nightfall there was one more.....very quiet, and peaceful little place!

Over the past few days of dry camping we had missed a few of our favorite shows, which would normally have been recorded by our DVR, but since we turn off our inverter when we go to bed, they didn't record.  Fortunately, we have a ROKU TV and can now stream shows we miss, and that is what we did to while away the rainy afternoon.....suweet!  We watched 'Hell's Kitchen', 'Last Ship', and 'NCIS: Los Angeles'.

It seems our 5 week odyssey to Campbellville is just about over.  We have covered just over 1,200 miles visiting 11 states checking off State #48 along the way.  This time next week we will begin our two month sojourn of work at Amazon.

One last thing......I forgot to mention in yesterday's missive that we 'paid the rent' on Sunday.  We were down to less than a quarter tank of diesel, and had traveled nearly 1,000 miles on the current tank, so TLE went online as we were moving and found a very, very convenient EXXON fuel station just off the Interstate.....about as easy off/on as they get!  We paid the highest per gallon so far on our 6 month odyssey....$3.35/gallon, and took on about 120 gallons.  We'll top off the tank in Lexington, KY, where diesel is much more reasonable at $2.99/gallon, one more time before we drive the last 100 miles into Campbellsville.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Have you been to Carter Caves State Park very near Grayson. It is a beautiful place even without the caves. There are miles and miles of great hiking trails throughout the park in the mountains and to several natural bridges. It is one of our favorite places.
    If you are out and about today, it would be worth a look around for future consideration. There is no charge at all to drive in or hike. Kentucky does state parks proud.

    1. Yes, a number of years ago we were visiting friends in Huntintgton, WV and drove over for the day to hike and explore!

  2. Clark -
    I've been following your blog for several years now and enjoy your daily post. Thought we could run into you at the Grand Canyon last spring, but you left early to beat a storm. We made it in and camped for a week, but it did snow about 6 inches that first night!

    I have a question, what do you use for internet that allows you to stream ROKU content? I haven't had much luck with campground wifi and my cell phone data plan would be used up quickly if I were to use it.

    You and TLE are an inspiration!


    Steve J.

    1. Hi Steve! Sorry we missed you at the Grand Canyon. We have Verizon's 'unlimited plan', and can use up to 15gb per device (we have three devices equaling 45gb) to stream. It does cost more, but is totally worth it. The only campground WiFi we have been able to use to stream was this past summer at Smuggler's Den.....they had amazing campground WiFi there. That was a first. As you know, virtually 100% of campground WiFi is worthless.

    2. Thanks for the info.

      I'm sure will cross paths in the future. Just don't give up your daily blog. I really do enjoy it.

      Steve J


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