Sunday, October 21, 2018


8:51 am - Sunday - October 21st - Campbellsville, KY - 32º F, 86% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north by northeast......crystal clear blue skies with a forecast high for today of 53º F.  

Saturday began slowly....didn't get up until after 8:30 am.  I do not often sleep until after 8 am, but you can bet I will looking back upon Saturday with fondness in a week, or two after getting up at 4:30 am to get to work by 6:30 am for a few days!

The weather Saturday was pretty good, and I had intended to spend time outside putting out some of our decorative lights, but I never got around to that.  I was more focused on resting, and getting over my head cold by Monday afternoon when we report for orientation.  I guess that was a good decision on my part as I took a 90 minute nap.....I was out like a light!  

Finally, around 1:30 pm we headed out to do some final shopping before we begin working, as well as do some 'junking'.  There is a tremendously large flea market here in Campbellsville called 'Peddlers Mall'.....this is just one of a chain of 19 locations around Kentucky (one is in Lebanon, OH).  Inside there are a 100+ booths selling everything (new and used) under the sun at pretty reasonable prices.  When we were here 6 years ago we visited Peddlers Mall every couple of weeks without fail.  Additionally, there is a Goodwill just down the block, so we don't even have to move the car to visit both stores.

We spent about two hours browsing through Peddlers Mall and Goodwill.....TLE managed to find a couple pairs of shorts without which she could not live, but I cam home empty handed. There were a couple of used tools upon which I almost pulled the trigger, but I resisted.

Next up was to visit the local Krogers supermarket to pick up a few grocery items.  We were home by 4 pm at which time I took another very long nap......over an hour.  I woke up suddenly to the rocking of the coach.....the wind had kicked up suddenly to over 30 mph thus validating our decision not to deploy our patio awning.  Most of the time is it pretty nice here, but the wind can come up suddenly like it did Saturday, and if you are not around when it does it can make short work of destroying your awning.

The wind blew like that until almost midnight before it began to abate, and as I write to you this morning (Sunday) it is completely calm again.  We were up til midnight watching game 7 of the MLB NLCS between my L.A. Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers.  L.A. had lost game 6 in Milwaukee 7-2, so it came down to game 7.....would the Dodgers be able to repeat as National League champions and return to the World Series for the second year in a row for the first time since 1978?  The Brewers jumped on top in the bottom of the 1st inning with a solo homerun, but we came back in the top of the 2nd with a two run blast by Cody Bellinger to take a one run lead, and that is how it remained until the 6th inning when Yasiel Puig hit a monster 3 run homerun to dead center field to increase the lead to 5-1, and that is how the game ended just before midnight!  The first game of the World Series is on Tuesday in Boston at the famous Fenway Park, which we visited in person just a few months ago on our way to Maine.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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