Thursday, October 11, 2018

Delaware happenings........

6:47 am - Thursday - October 11th - New Castle, DE - 73º F, 98% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the southeast.....90% chance of rain all day today with a forecast high of 78º.  A very humid night, and still very humid this morning.

We were still suffering from our post NYC hangover Wednesday morning, and into the early afternoon, but we finally shook off our lethargy, got dressed and headed out on a few errands, the first of which was to obtain an E-ZPass transponder so we don't have to sit in those toll booth lines every 40 miles.  This transponder is good in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  It costs you a $15 deposit for the transponder, plus another $25 to activate you account.  The nearest E-ZPass office was about 9 miles from our location, and we were pulling into their driveway after about 20 minutes of crosstown driving..... must fill out an application, and then hand it to the nice lady behind the bullet proof glass who then takes about 10 minutes to process you into their system.  Once she is done you are called back to the window to receive your transponder and associated paperwork.  So, no more having to make sure we have oodles of cash on hand when we are traveling, and no more waiting in toll booth lines.  We will now just sail through in the E-ZPass lane.

TLE had been doing some local research about what there is to see in this part of Delaware and she came across the historic site of George Read home, who happens to be a distant relative of hers, and also happens to have been a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution......

Took this picture on the Washington Mall a few years ago at the Declaration of Independence monument

 The original home was destroyed by fire in 1824

 He had a nice view of New Castle Harbor right across the street

.....he was apparently a distant uncle (think great, great, great, that enough 'greats'?).  Unfortunately, although the house was open for tours on Wednesday the tour people were gone until later in the afternoon.  From there we drove over to New Castle Harbor......

 The 'Lynx'...a tall ship is most often the case there must be beer, and good pub food at the end of any sightseeing foray, and we found a good one just a few miles from the Elks Lodge....

I had a couple of pints of their Irish Red, whilst TLE imbibed a Smoked Porter 4 pm we had one more stop to make at the local supermarket to replenish our supplies of a few staples: butter, milk, grapes, cereal, & eggs, and we were off for home arriving just before 5 pm.

The temps got into the 80's here on Wednesday, and the 90%+ humidity made it feel like it was in the 90's so our A/C ran most of the evening.....thank goodness for 30 amp electric!!!!

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  1. That ez-pass transponder does make life easier... I bought mine from North Carolina.
    It works in Florida too...

    1. Rob, I hope it works in Florida....the E-ZPass map does not include Florida at this time.

  2. Did you know they are encouraging people in Maryland to get theirs for free ????? Should have come one state over !!!!