Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The third ten......

6:46 am - Wednesday - October 31st - Campbellsville, KY - 57º F, 51% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the south......that's the lowest morning humidity I have seen in 6 months!  Cloudy today with a forecast high of 71º F, and a 80% chance of rain this afternoon, and tomorrow.  As you have probably divined, we are not at work today!  We have today and Thursday off work and then we will begin our first five consecutive 10 hour days in a row beginning Friday.

Tuesday was our MET (Mandatory Extra Time) day.  It used to be called MOT (Mandatory Overtime) day, but someone up the authority ladder decided, after years of MOT, to change the acronym to MET.  No matter what you call it, it means you work a fifth day.  When we were here 6 years ago we did not work out first MET day until just before Thanksgiving.  We had over a month of four 10 hour days with three days off work each week.  When we worked the Fernley FC we only got one MET day the entire 7 weeks we were there, so this immediate jumping into MET days is a new one for us.

So, here are just a few of the acronyms we deal with every day:

  • FC = Fulfillment Center
  • MET = Mandatory Extra Time
  • VET = Voluntary Extra Time
  • VTO = Voluntary Time Off
There are many more, but we have not been exposed to them enough yet for me to remember them all.  We were actually offered VTO after lunch Tuesday, but we chose to finish the 10 hours as we only had to work three days in a row.  Now, if they offer VTO next Tuesday on our MET day I might be tempted to take it as that will be our fifth 10 hour day in a row.

Both TLE and I are are well above the average expected of us.  I believe I mentioned previously that since we are just peak season workers and it takes a good two months to really get up to speed 'picking' we are only expected to hit 85% to 'plan'.  'Plan' is the planned amount of time to complete each 'pick', and the number of picks you are expected to complete in a 10 hour shift.  We have both been over 140% from out second 5 hour day.  I have to kind of make myself slowdown a is definitely going to be a marathon.

Our work day went well as we worked our time frames, and soon we were punching the clock for the fourth and final time Tuesday.  Each day we have to record 4 time clock 'punches'......1) when we clock in for the day, 2) before and 3) after lunch, and when we 4) finish our shift.  We are able to visit their website to confirm that all our punches were recorded, and so far that is the case.  If we find we have missed a punch we can go to our local HR person and he/she will take care of it for us....actually, I have not seen a male HR person as of seems wherever we have worked they are almost always female.  I am sure there are male HR persons out there, I just have not seen them

The weather as we exited the concrete fortress was once again balmy, and sunny.  Since we had no work on Wednesday I immediately retrieved two chairs from the trailer, a small table, turned on the outside music, poured a couple of fingers of Scotch, lit a cigar and sat outside until sundown.  What a novel concept!  We felt like parolees after working 7 of the last 9 days!

TLE still went to bed at 9 pm (she just arose from her slumber almost 11 hours later). I was in bed by 10 pm, and up about 6:30 am.  I enjoy my quiet time in the  We watched a couple of recorded TV episodes, and talked about our first 9 days in Campbellsville.  We are doing well...our feet are not barking, and our legs are doing fine, also.  It's just a matter of toughening up mentally for the final 7 weeks.

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