Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A little inconvenience.....

7:06 am - Wednesday - July 29th - Deer Lodge, MT - 52° F, 75% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south....partly cloudy today with a forecast high in Deer Lodge of 83°......on this day in 2012 we were in South Bend, WA on the Olympic Peninsula having breakfast at Hamps 101 Restaurant after an early morning bicycle ride.........↴

TLE said she thought the table was looking at her

We had plans Tuesday (the reason we stayed over until Wednesday) to visit Fairmont Hot Springs down in Anaconda, MT for a good soak in their hot pools.  In preparation for this foray I vacuumed out the VW for the first time in weeks, then took it next door to the Conoco fuel station where they have an automatic car wash.....something else I have not done for months.  By the time I finished with all that and returned to the mother ship it was after 10:30 am.  As I walked in the door TLE announced she had called Fairmont and was told that due to the Wuhan Flu (Covid-19 strikes again) only annual members can use the facility, and the price for membership per year is $450/person......we both agreed $900 for a soak would be a little on the high side, so it was on to plan 'B'.

The high temp for Tuesday was supposed to be in the area of 86° F, but it was already getting humid which we all know makes it feel warmer than it really is, plus the heavy cloud cover looked threatening, so we opted to remain home reading in the air conditioned comfort of the Newell.  I was in the middle of another book by Elmer Kelton titled 'The Day the Cowboys Quit', and was eager to see how it ended so it was an easy decision.  Around 3:30 pm I went outside to find it had cooled significantly, so we turned off the A/C, and I moved to the 'Lido Deck' to finish my book.

As long as the sun was hidden behind clouds it remained very comfortable outside, but as soon as the clouds parted, and the sun returned it became too warm and humid again, so we closed all the windows, and turned on the A/C once again.  Around 6 pm we walked over to the local Subway at the  Sinclair fuel station to buy a foot long sandwich for dinner (we had a discount coupon from the RV park office), and then ate it onsite.

Upon our return 'home' we queued up a couple of Hallmark movies and passed the balance of the evening laughing and crying....sometimes at the same  We were in bed a little after 10:30 pm.....time to roll our wheels again, and we do just that in 3 hours!

I managed to catch a large flock of birds in the above photo

Interestingly, since we departed Wittmann back in early May we have been inconvenienced very little.....I can count the times on one hand.  We have pretty much been able to go where we want, and do what we want when we want.  I think a large part of that freedom we have experienced is due to our travel plan, which we have followed pretty faithfully.  Our plan has been to travel secondary roads as much as possible, and reside in very remote areas.  As a result we have been able to dine out pretty much whenever the mood strikes us.  Until we arrived in Kalispell about 10 days ago we rarely saw masks being worn, and when we did it was usually the employees of the establishment we were frequenting.  As we move westward we are beginning to move through larger and larger population centers where we are seeing more mask wearing.  We still only wear masks when required to do so in order to go shopping, or get a haircut.  The early shortages of paper goods have all but disappeared, however it is still difficult to find those Lysol hand wipes.....we have never run out, but have come close a couple of times.  All of the counties we have been in including Flathead County (Kalispell) have zero to two deaths since March, and a handful of diagnosed cases.  The only person we know who we think had the Wuhan flu was our daughter Sharon (an elementary school teacher), but neither her son, nor her husband caught it from her.....this was back in late February....she had all the classic symptoms of the Corona virus, and was quite ill for about a week, then lethargic for a month afterwards.  We both continue to be asymptomatic, and that's all I have to say about that.

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  1. Do you allow comments on your blog? I've been following quite a while and don't ever see any.

    1. Yes we do! Out l of you look back over the last few weeks you will see a number of comments.

  2. OK. Good. I didn't look carefully enough (wouldn't be the first time!) Anyway, your travels are interesting and informative.

  3. Awww bummer you missed a hot spring hit springs. My middle so years ago attended job Corp in Andacondo! Glad you both are continuing to be safe and well 😁


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