Friday, July 3, 2020

Socially speaking.....

7:55 am - Friday - July 3rd - Keystone, SD - 61° F, 78% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 87° F.

After a couple of days of a lot of social interaction it was time for a day with almost none.  We spent a lot of  time reading, recharging our internal batteries, and watching some PGA golf, and that pretty much sums up our Thursday.  The temp reached the high 80's for a while, but then a front moved in, we got some rain, and it almost seemed like night time it was so dark.  By the time I went to work at 5 pm it was clear again, but much cooler.....and that is the wonder of Keystone weather....wait a few minutes and it will change.

As I have relayed previously I am trading about 30 hours of work over two weeks for our site here in downtown Keystone running the new bar they have installed.  There is some question as to whether people will take advantage of being able to order from a limited menu of local brews ($4 each), and 3 specialty drinks (Margarita on ice, flavored Vodka on ice, flavored Vodka with lemonade on ice.....$8 each), but that is the experiment for which I am donating my labor.

I worked from 5 pm Thursday until just after 9:30 pm when Linda and Janice closed the store.  I did not sell anything at the bar, although I tried, so I helped with restocking the cooler (beer, water, Gatorade, Monster, Red Bull, etc.), emptied the gas pump trash cans, added window cleaner to the wells, and even dry and wet mopped the entire floor in the store.  For July 2nd it seemed pretty calm most of the night, but we had a few busy streaks.

By 9:35 pm I was walking home, and saw that the heads on Mt. Rushmore were illuminated, so I attempted to get a picture with my phone camera.....

....this is the best I could any rate, it did look pretty cool.  Friday, July 3rd, President Trump will be arriving, and there will be fireworks.  According to the locals it should be a zoo most of the day.  Mt. Rushmore will be closed to the general public all day Friday.

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