Thursday, July 16, 2020

Out of Wyoming.....

7:05 am - Thursday - July 16th - Harlowton, MT - 49° F, 74% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the southeast.....clear, cold, blue skies today with a forecast high of 88° F.  On this day in 2015 we walked over to Classic Cue for street tacos, and a pitcher of beer.....↴

Overnighting in a Walmart parking lot can be a crapshoot.....sometimes you get a lot of semi trucks parking near you who run their engines all night, most of the time it is quiet, but Tuesday night was not one of those nights.  Most of this summer we have been in remote areas where you can hear a pin drop, which only makes those times when you park in a Walmart, or Cabela's parking lot a little jarring to the senses, but as with most things you adapt, and get over's only one night.

We were up early, and back on I-90 westbound by 8 am.  Normally, and you know this if you have been reading our blog for a while, we keep our daily mileage between 100-150 miles....that's our comfort zone.  Wednesday we had an ambitious goal.....258 miles....all the way to Harlowton, MT.......within 40 minutes we crossed back into Montana...... was a beautiful day as we continued our westward jaunt on.......

....our first leg of the drive had us arriving in Billings, MT at the local COSTCO around 12 pm....there are always a few items we prefer to buy at COSTCO, so we never pass up an opportunity to visit one when it is handy.....'s been a little over 3 weeks since we last 'paid the rent', so we met Claude and Gail at the local Travel Center of America in Laurel, where we last took on diesel on our way east on I-90.  We took on 129 gallons of fuel at a discounted price of $1.98/gallon, and were back on I-90 westbound by 1:15 pm with our final destination of Harlowton, MT just 113 miles away. We left I-90 in Big Timber heading north on of the most beautiful drives we have ever done.  We first drove this highway back in June of 2013 on our way to Great Falls, MT...... why Harlowton, MT?  In researching a place to stay for a couple of days I came across this place called Chief Joseph Campground just outside Harlowtown which has long pull throughs with 50 amp electric for $20/night in the 'Days End Directory' (Escapees).  By the time we arrived Claude and Gail had been there for about 20 minutes.  We quickly picked a site (#3 for us, and #2 for Claude and Gail), set up and began to enjoy the beautiful afternoon...

.....what a find this place is!  This is part of the magic of this lifestyle....finding cool places to stay at low cost.  We came here thinking to stay just overnight, but now we are talking about staying 3-4 days....who knows?  For the first time since Henry's Lake we were able to have a wind, no rain, and no heat....we sat outside by the fire until after 10:30 pm.....

Me and my brother by another mother.....Claude

....well, that's it for Wednesday's nomadic adventures......we have successfully changed our view once again without going through escrow.

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