Sunday, July 5, 2020


7:46 am - Sunday - July 5th - Keystone, SD - 63° F, 58% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the north by northwest.....a few clouds today, but mostly clear, blue skies with a forecast high of 80° F.  On this day in 2013 we were in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada having some brews and appetizers at Olive 'R Twist Bistro and Bar......↴

....we were traveling for a month with our friends Forest and Cindy Olivier, and Tom and Darlene McCloud who also owned Newells at the time.

Saturday was another warm see there?  I've transitioned from saying 'hot day' to 'warm day'....same temperature, just getting acclimated to temps in the 80's.  We've been able to avoid turning on the A/C most days until after 1 pm, and Saturday was no different.  There kind of comes a tipping point where your forehead begins to bead up with sweat, and you know it is time to close the windows, and be comfortable again.  No point in suffering when someone else is paying for the electricity.  Last summer when we were living and working at RORVR we paid most of our electricity costs (we received a $50/month electrical allowance), and for a while we tried to do without A/C, but eventually we decided we would rather be cool and pay a $100/month than be uncomfortable.

We did not do anything noteworthy Saturday.  We do have plans for Sunday and Monday, but on Saturday we just decided to take at easy. After 8.5 years on the road we have transitioned from being on a perpetual vacation, and trying to see everything, to living on the road while changing our view on a regular basis.  There is no compulsion to 'see everything', and sometimes we just decide to enjoy the ambiance of where we are.

At 5 pm I moseyed up to the convenience store for my third volunteer shift in as many days.  My hours are flexible, and totally dependent upon the needs on a given day.  Since Saturday was the day after the all of the festivities it was almost eerily quiet.  As soon as I arrived at the store I could tell things were not nearly as busy as Friday, and after about 2.5 hours I was released by Rich and Marnie to go home....sweet!  I did empty all the outdoor trash cans twice, restocked the cooler several times, and dry and wet mopped the entire store floor, including the restrooms.  Other than that it was clear they had everything under control.

Once again, as I was walking home, it began to sprinkle, and within 30 minutes of entering the friendly confines of the Newell for the evening it began to gently rain, which it continued to do until well after midnight.....never hard, but always in the background playing its soporific melody on our aluminum roof.  While this part of South Dakota is technically in drought, it has rained virtually every single day we have been here with one exception.....

....and with that I will leave you with this song by the Cascades....Rhythm of the Falling Rain (1962?)....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It appears to have been a wonderful 3rd and 4th there in your area! Boy that certainly kept you busy! Nice they let you go home after 2 and 1/2 hrs. Great little job you've got there :)


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