Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Out of South Dakota.....

6:42 am - Wednesday - July 15th - Sheridan, WY - 45° F, 68% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south.....clear, cold, blue skies today with a forecast here in Sheridan of 86° F, but we are rolling our wheels in less than an hour ever westward...the view this morning......↴

 Sheridan, WY Walmart

Our Jello goal was to be out of site P-6 at Spearfish Campground and on our way west by 9 was 9:07 am as we exited the park after inserting the VW into the trailer in front of the campground office.  The drive west on I-90 Tuesday was just spectacular.....that is all I really have to say.  I set the cruise control at 60 mph and just hung onto the steering wheel enjoying the giant vistas as they unfolded before us.....

....within minutes we had crossed once again into Wyoming after almost three weeks in South Dakota.......

 Snow fences

A short video for you viewing, and listening pleasure

 Just missing a rain storm to the south of us

 The hay is cut, and rolled

.....we took time to stop twice in 'Parking Areas' bathrooms, or trash, but a place just off the Interstate in Wyoming where you can take a break, stretch your legs, and check the temps of your tires if you so desire.....I so desired.

We exited I-90 just before 1 pm in Sheridan, Wyoming, and were set up in the local Super Walmart parking lot a few minutes thereafter.  We were here a few weeks ago doing a small shopping before heading to our destination for the day at Lake de Smet (I wrote about that here) when we were still heading east.  We parked in this exact same place because it is so level.   It's been a long, long time since we did a BIG shopping, and this was the day for another.  We spent over an hour in Walmart filling our shopping cart.....the final tab?  $262....yup, that's a 'BIG shopping'......

....when we left Spearfish, SD it was threatening rain, but as we continued westward the heavy cloud cover eventually gave way to mostly sunny conditions, but the temps only got into the high 60's for the day.....perfect..... the time TLE had put away all the groceries from our 'BIG shopping' it was almost 4 pm, and time for a nap.  Around 5 pm we walked back into Walmart to their Deli section and bought some 'Orange Chicken Wings' of our which TLE added rice she had prepared just for this occasion.....we love Walmart's Deli can get the same thing anywhere in the U.S., and the food is so consistently good.

We read for the rest of the afternoon, and evening hitting the sack (me) around 10 pm....TLE followed a little later....we roll our wheels in about 30 is good.

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  1. Check the tire temps? I had figured you for a tire pressure monitoring system person.

    1. Nope....I like low tech much more....less blowouts in 11 years.

  2. Fun to hear your voice again,its been a long while!! Since 2017 in Lake Tahoe (Sue) Hi Elaine!

  3. What a beautiful drive! Yep that's big shopping..Ouch! But sometimes it's just gotta be done. Definitely sounds like a nice relaxing afternoon!


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