Tuesday, July 14, 2020

That's just splendid......

6:47 am - Tuesday - July 14th - Spearfish, SD - 52° F, 94% humidity, wind - CALM....heavy cloud cover today (rained all night) with a forecast high of 68° F.....the view this morning.......↴

There is certainly no apparent drought here in our corner of South Dakota....'no siree Bob'....it rains three out of five days....sometimes more frequently.  It did not rain during the day Monday, but it did begin raining once again around 10 pm, and continued on through the night into the early morning....it just finished raining as I write.

We opted for two nights here at Spearfish Campground for one main reason.....we wanted to break in the new Splendide, and to make sure there are/were no leaks, or any other issues after our hasty installation Sunday morning.  Around mid morning I hooked up all three lengths of sewer hose I have to reach the sewer connection located at the very, very back of our site....just on this side of the fence that separates us from the bike path.  Once that was done I opened up the gray tank dump valve and we were in business.  I went outside to turn on the water for the washing machine and immediately heard TLE exclaim....."UH OH!", and I then retorted....."What do you mean by 'UH OH!'?" to which she replied "I can hear water dripping behind the washer".....UH OH!  I immediately turned off both water valves, and thus we began to unload everything from the pantry once again so I could see behind the washer, and hopefully what was leaking.  Within seconds it became obvious that the hot water connection on the back of the washer was leaking so I tightened that connection and had TLE open the hot water valve once again......success....no more leak....this was the first of several issues.....all self induced....with which we dealt over the next 5 hours......yes 5 hours!

The online instruction manual (more on that later) said to run the machine empty for the first run through, so we did.  All worked well, except TLE could heard loud rattling coming from inside the washer, so she turned it off and opened the door.  What did she find?  Well the instruction manual I had been asking her about a few minutes earlier, as well as two water supply hoses.....I had just purchased new, stainless steel braided hoses about 2 years ago so I didn't even think about where the hoses were that might have come with this new unit.  We retrieved the hoses and slightly damp instruction manual (TLE put it outside on a table in the sun to dry out) from the washer drum, and then turned it on again......this time all went well for the entire wash cycle.  

OK.....time for the real deal now.....TLE put in a modest load and turned on the machine to run through the entire wash/rinse/spin cycle again and all went well until the spin cycle started.  We were both reading at the time, and once again enjoying the sounds of our Splendid Splendide doing its job when suddenly the whole coach began to shake....the Splendide was going nuts.....we quickly turned it off and went back to the manual....what had we missed?  We had missed this large sign on the back of the washer telling us to remove the 'TRANSIT SCREWS/GROMMETS/TUBES....DOH!  These things keep the washer drum from bouncing around while it is being shipped anywhere, and protects it from being damaged.  So, once again we are emptying out the pantry, and removing the doors to said pantry so I can move the Splendide to the front of the cabinet and reach the 'TRANSIT SCREWS', etc........

....fortunately I was able to reach all four and remove them without completely removing the Splendide from the cabinet........

......of course, now that Mr. Jello has jiggled, Murphy's Law has been invoked, and the 'Hockwald Way' has now completely engaged you know that is not the end of the story, right?  Right.....while I was removing the 'TRANSIT SCREWS' I inadvertently knocked two of the brackets which hold the shelving in place out of their holes, and they were now on the floor underneath the washer.....the washer we had just pushed back into place.  I have one of those telescoping magnets people use to retrieve metal objects from tight, inaccessible places, but these brackets are not magnetic, so we had to completely remove the washer from the cabinet once again to retrieve them.  We found one immediately, but the second one was being illusive.....it was no where in sight....that's impossible....it has to be there on the floor near where it fell, right?  After ruling out every other conceivable scenario we finally decided it must have fallen behind a large metal plate affixed to the back wall in the pantry under which we could not see.....using a clothes hanger I fished around under that bracket and finally found it.....once the second bracket was retrieved we began to put everything back together.  As I put the last shelf back in place we both began to giggle, and then laugh out loud....five hours had passed, and we were still trying to do the first load of wash in our new Splendide Combo Washer/Dryer.....LOL!

We had no idea it would take us the better part of our day to wash one small load of clothes, but now we are really glad we booked to nights here at Spearfish Campground. That my friends was our wacky Monday....not what we had in mind at all.

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  1. Oh lordy what a day.....glad you finally got all the bugs out....but I gotta say ...you had me laughing out laugh 🤣 🤣🤣🤣


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