Monday, July 27, 2020


8:15 am - Monday - July 27th - Deer Lodge, MT - 55° F, humidity 50%, wind - CALM.....7 days in a row without morning wind  Skies are clear, and blue with a forecast high of 90° F.  

Day 2 at Rock Creek began with Bob and I heading to the driving range.  I haven't swung a club in a few years, and just wanted to hit a few balls.  I started with a pitchig wedge, and didn't do too bad.  The same with the 4 iron.....not too bad, but with a 7 iron I stunk.  I moved onto the 3 wood where I shined the best.....out of ten drives I hit 7 pretty straight, and (for me) pretty long.....about 225 yards.....of course, straight is the operative word.  Next up was working on my putting at the putting green. After 3 years I did okay I think, but that was enough golf for the day.......hitting the links will have to wait until we get to Spokane.

Next up on the menu was a RAZR ride into the local mountains to get a view of the little valley in which this upscale developement is located.....TLE joined Bob and I for the ride, while Hilary went to play a round of golf with her future son-in-law, Jake.  As always, the ride to the top of the mountain was a blast.  On one side of the mountain you can see I-90 in the distance, as well as the Clark Fork River......

.....and on the other side the Rock Creek development.....

.....below you see the 16th and 18th holes of the golf course......

......and then a short video of the ride to the top in Bob and Hilary's 4 seater RAZR.....

.......Bob drove us over to the shooting range, and then  to the site where he shot his first elk last year.  By the time we had finished with that it was time for lunch so we headed directy to the poolside grill to meet Hilary.  We sat talking and eating until almost 3 pm before heading back to the house.  Then I did something I have not had time to do for a few days.....take a long nap! 

Around 6:30 pm we all conveyned to the firepit area for pre-dinner cocktails followed by a sumptuous dinner prepared by Hilary on their patio.  We drank good wine, ate great food, talked, listened to some Nora Jones until after 9 pm when we retired to the living room for more conversation until almost 10:30 when we bid adieu to our hosts and retired to our unit for the night.

Our two day interlude with my sister and her husband has exceeded our expectations in everyway, but Monday we will return to the Newell to continue our journey westward to Coeur d'Alene, ID.

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