Friday, July 24, 2020

Good intentions.....

8:00 am - Friday - July 24th - Kalispell, MT - 47° F, 90% humidity, wind - CALM....WOW, 4 days in a row!  We have partly cloudy skies today with a deliciously nice forecast high of 79° Montana summers!  On this day in 2012 we were near Coupeville, WA (on Whidbey Island) visiting friends Bob and Karen Fenstermacher......↴

Thursday started with good intentions on our part....we intended to stay home and take care of a few projects, but then someone suggested I cook bacon outdoors for breakfast on our Coleman single burner to test out the new splatter screen we had purchased sometime back.  The last time I cooked bacon on the burner we didn't have the splatter screen, and bacon grease was everywhere......

.....this time, with the aid of the splatter screen there was little or no bacon grease to wipe away.  TLE added scrambled eggs and toast to the bacon for a wonderful breakfast.

After such an auspicious beginning the day deteriorated into a lot of relaxing, napping, and reading on the 'lido deck' in the anti gravity chairs with very little in the way of projects being worked upon.  To my credit I did rouse myself around 3 pm to undertake one project I knew I could complete in pretty short order.....remove, and replace the right rear mudflap which had a large tear in it.  I have been carrying around mud flap stock for 8.5 years for just such an occasion, and finally used some of it Thursday.....

 The old, torn mud flap

.....there are just three bolts which affix the mud flap to the frame of the Newell, so it was quite easy to remove the damaged one.  I used the old mudflap a a template to mark, and cut out the new mudflap.  I drilled three new holes in the new mudflap, and reattached it in short order..... all it took me under 30 minutes to cross this project off my 'to do' list, and then it was back to the anti gravity chair for the balance of the afternoon.

Around 6 pm I roused myself once again to turn  on the Sea-B-Que in preparation for a wonderful filet mignon TLE had just purchased on Rosauer's Supermaret Wednesday.  Using TLE's meat thermometer I got it to a medium rare 130° F before pronouncing it fit for human consumption.  To this TLE added asparagus, and re-crisped steak fries left over from our Wednesday lunch at Tamarack Brewing.....what a great dinner!

After dinner TLE roused herself from her recliner to do a load of wash in our NEW splendid Splendide 2100XC.  So, not as many projects as we had envisioned at the beginning of the day, but enough accomplished for us to retain some of our self

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